Sonja Flemming/CBS

Matt Cereal Memes Only 'Big Brother' Fans Will Appreciate

While there's always a constant thread of drama flowing throughout the Big Brother house, there are also a few funny moments. One recurring joke on this season is Matt's obsession with cereal. For whatever reason, Matt just can't get enough of the stuff, and that includes pretty much every kind of cereal out there. He loves it so much, the show even made a segment about it. Naturally, this has led to fans creating memes of Matt eating cereal on Big Brother 19, and they're pretty hilarious.

During a recent episode, Matt confessed to being a "cereal junkie," and because he knows that some people could find this "weird," he's also gotten into the habit of getting out of bed late at night and eating bowls of cereal when no one else is around. Though he said he tries to stick to the "healthier" cereals, he also admitted that's not always the case and sometimes he just can't help going for the bad stuff. (Don't worry Matt, I'm sure you're not alone in your addiction.)

Though it is a bit strange, there are certainly worse things Matt could be addicted to, it's hard to fault him. It's just pretty hilarious that this 33-year-old man with sleeves of tattoos is so obsessed with cereal that he sneaks out of bed just to get some. And Twitter is honestly eating it up.

Of course, fans have been having a field day with this. Matt now has his face on a plethora of cereal boxes, some real and some created just for Matt. For example, "Whistle-Nut Homie BrOs," could certainly be a hit if Jason and Matt team up to make it into a real thing. Some people even used the cereal boxes to throw shade at Matt and his floater status in the house.

Because Matt's so obsessed with cereal, many viewers agree that's the only thing he really cares about in the house. Some suggest he'd probably enjoy winning cereal more than money, and his relationship with cereal is more serious than his "showmance" with Raven.

Though viewers like to poke fun at Matt's obsession, it has also been very entertaining. Some even argue his love for cereal has been one of the best storylines of the season. While that may be a stretch, fans were definitely hoping Matt would actually reach his goal of eating 1,000 bowls of cereal in the Big Brother house. However, now that he's sitting on the block alongside Raven, it appears he might not make it far enough to see that come to fruition.

Still, Matt has a chance to compete for the Power of Veto, so perhaps he can save himself from the block and stay in the house long enough to finish his cereal goal.