'SNL' Nails What Christmas Is *Really* Like For Parents In This Hilarious Sketch

Christmas always pans out a bit differently than one intends, especially for parents. Dreams usually consist of impeccably dressed kids, Instagram-worthy dinner spreads, argument-free family visits, and a morning where everyone gets exactly what they wanted. And, then you wake up only to be faced with a not-so-picture perfect holiday scene. Well, just know you're not alone. In fact, Saturday Night Live's recent skit featuring Matt Damon and Cecily Strong is pure genius. Really, SNL's skit about Christmas will hilariously hit home with all parents in so many ways.

"Best Christmas Ever" is an instant holiday classic from the first watch. Seriously, what did SNL do... look into the holiday homes of pretty much every parent alive? It's pretty accurate, to say the least.

Here's a breakdown: The skit opens as Damon and Strong sit on a couch, sipping wine, and reflecting on their Christmas day. The setting is peaceful with a crackling fireplace and dim lighting with twinkling Christmas decorations. But as the couple begins to reminisce, the camera cuts to scenes that tell us what the holidays were really like.

"I had a smile on my face from the moment I woke up," he says in the skit. Cut to scene of the kids running into their parents' bedroom, jumping on the bed and wrestling them awake. The dad rubs his head and see the clock reads 5:40 a.m. Yup, seems about right.

The kids run downstairs and rip through their presents, all while the noise level reaching max before the two can get down their first cup of coffee. All the effort, all the wrapping, all the list making is done for in about 30 minutes flat.

The dad looks especially tired, probably due to some late night gift building. "I hope you weren't up to late building it," the mom says.

Cut to Damon desperately trying to put the play house together only to have it fall apart and let a few f-bombs drop. Been there! There's nothing worse than waiting to the last hours to build a toy that comes with a multiple page direction sheet.

When the hashtag #SignsSantasBurnedOut trended last week, according to iHeart Radio News, who do you think those "Santas" were? Parents, of course!

Meanwhile, mom seemed to fare better than dad...

"What about you hostess with the mostess," he says.

"I guess I was full of Christmas magic." That magic is wine — lots and lots of wine and at least one cigarette. Merlot the merrier!

SNL isn't exaggerating; one in three Americans will suffer holiday burn out before Christmas, according to a recent study reported by The New York Post. According to the study, the average American will spend nine hours planning, 13 hours shopping, nearly 10 hours cooking, and six hours decorating. Yeah, that's a lot of wine.

And then, there's family. Good ol' family. The holiday season is full of visitors, some of which you only get to see once a year (thank goodness).

"I hope my family didn't ruin your time," says the mom.

An energetic ugly sweater wearing dad is show opening up the front door and cheerfully saying "Merry Christmas!" only to be cut off by his father-in-law complaining about traffic and noticing "how much weight" his son-in-law put on. Leave it to your own flesh and blood to be brutally honest.

And of course, you love your family, but you might not love their politics. And with the year most have had, it's nearly impossible to get through a meal without at least one mention of Trump. Hence the appearance of "Make American Great Again" cousin who just can't keep his opinions to himself. Talk about instant heartburn.

The skit ends as the couple continues to sip their wine, with Damon in his fuzzy bear claw slippers — a gift from his kids he couldn't help but love, although reluctantly. The silence is broken by the kids fighting and he goes up to check on them. End scene. And the final card shows this message: “Even when it’s the worst, it’s the best. Merry Christmas from Saturday Night Live!”

Agreed, SNL. Agreed. Here's to a not-so-perfect holiday season that warms the heart. It won't always be this chaotic, so maybe sitting back and taking it all in is the most festive way to get through it all.

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