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Maya Rudolph Gets Real Honest About Raising Four Kids As A Working Mom

When someone has four kids but is still juggling a red-hot career, I'm either incredibly jealous of them or, on a more pro-social note, want to get them to talk about how they accomplish it. Luckily, Maya Rudolph gets real honest about raising four kids as a working mom and, just, thank you. The honesty is so needed.

As People detailed, Rudolph was just one of the well-known presenters at "How I Get It Done" conference in Brooklyn, New York, sponsored by The Cut.

Featuring such talents as SNL's Aidy Bryant, Padma Lakshmi and The Cut's Editor-in-Chief, Stella Bugbee (in addition to Rudolph), the seminar was meant to empower women by creating conversation around success in business and the media, per Folio magazine.

But when it was her turn, Rudolph didn't pull any punches, as People reported. The star — mom to Pearl, 13, Lucille, 9, Jack, 7, and Minnie Ida, 5, with partner Paul Thomas Anderson, as the mag confirmed — was clear that having a big family and a big career is something you just do one day at a time, bit by bit.

The actress/comedian/producer/mom noted that "there’s no shame" in getting help to accomplish everything you need and want to around the house.

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"Humans were meant to live in villages, and as women, we need help and we need each other," People quoted her as saying. "I don’t have my mom. I have amazing women in my life who help me raise my kids and that’s a choice I made."

The hysterical star of Bridesmaids and The Good Place, 46, clarified per People that "there is no such thing" as getting everything done in one day when you are in her position.

"When I hear that, it reminds me of people saying, 'How do you do it all?' or 'How do you balance?' And I used to feel really sh*tty about it because as a working mother, I do the best that I can, and I try to enjoy it," she explained.

I love the candor. I've also noticed that things have progressed from even a couple years ago, when there was a trend of famous women sort of pretending they didn't have nannies (or at least never mentioning them in interviews, and certainly never showing them in photographs).

Today, women from Jessica Alba to Kate Middleton don't shy away from including their childcare helpers in their stories. Fans know that they have help taking care of the kids, cleaning up around the house, or doing whatever else needs to be done. Which is seriously important, because no mom can be everything all at once.

And the best part of hearing from a mom as influential as Rudolph? Just hearing that she doesn't have it all figured out (as her Instagram shows, she joked about her allowing her kids ample screen time).

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This isn't the first time Rudolph has gotten real about motherhood, however. In 2016, while promoting Angry Birds, Rudolph said that motherhood has allowed her to develop a bit of a special skill.

"[Motherhood] allowed me to create something I call the 'bullsh*t meter,' which is basically the things that are literally not important. I just got rid of them. I used to take on a lot more than necessary, and when it's you, you're sort of your own worst enemy in life," Rudolph said, per Marie Claire. "When you're thinking about another human being, it's far more precious than you and you have the instinct to take care of them, you naturally do what's right and what's important and they always come first. It just allowed me to stop saying 'yes' to things that were not good for me or not important."

As Rudolph also explained while promoting Angry Birds, she wasn't willing to compromise. "I just always wanted to have babies, and I always wanted to be pregnant, and I always wanted to be an actress," she said, per PopSugar. "You've got to do what you've got to do, and my job is in front of a camera so I didn't have a choice. The choice I could have made was to refrain from public stuff, but I didn't. I like working!"

Damn straight. Just keep going, Maya. Clearly, your juggling skills are pretty advanced.