This Week Only, You Can Get Your Favorite MickeyD's Order Delivered For Free

Halloween has gone from a single festive day to a week-long event (much like my birthday). The busy week is filled with unplanned trips to the party store, breaking the news to your child that they’ll need to wear a jacket over their costume, and going into full-blown seamstress mode. There isn't a lot of time for everyday tasks like figuring out dinner for your family, but you’re not stuck with canned soup this year because McDonald's is offering free delivery through Nov 1 in partnership with Uber Eats.

That's right: this "Halloweek" you can order all your family’s McDonald’s favorites straight to your house in around 30 minutes or less with zero delivery fee. Your kids are going to think they’ve witnessed a Halloween miracle or that you’ve shapeshifted into the coolest parent ever.

Food deliveries spike “25-35% on [Halloween], putting it among the top delivery days of the year,” according to a press release for McDonald's delivery service, McDelivery, and Uber Eats. Nobody wants to pay extra for something they could have picked up themselves in a drive through, but sometimes it’s inevitable — I once spent $18 getting a bagel and a ginger ale delivered after a night of one (okay, three) too many, so I get it. McDelivery just gets it too, which is why they’ve made it so easy to feed the whole family a meal they'll love in under an hour.

To take advantage of the week-long deal, you’ll need to download the Uber Eats app, then you can peruse a selection of McDonald’s menu items. You'll pay with your Uber account and according to McDonald’s website, the total includes delivery fee (which will be waived Oct 26 through Nov 1) "a service fee and small order fee". You can use the app to track your order as it makes its way to you, so you know exactly when to start rallying the troops to come to the table.

McDelivery & UberEats

For those of you who are thinking that Happy Meals are awesome but feel more like “driving the carpool” fare than a festive Halloween meal, fear not. McDonald's created fun Halloween menu hacks that pair classic Mickey D’s items with food you may already have around, like pumpkin seeds and candy corn. The pairings range from the simple “Fry Fangs” which are just french fries dipped in ketchup then hung out of the sides of your mouth, to the more involved “Itsy Bitsy Burger” which is a burger made to look like a spider stuck in a ketchup web.

You're probably hoping your kid has some food on Hallows' Eve to sop up some of that sugar; between all the festivities from school parties to the main event of trick-or-treating, a child can consume up to 3 cups of sugar on Halloween, according to Insider. Yikes. Halloween night isn't the time to try that new spicy, veggie-heavy recipe you've been eyeing, and since you probably know what they will and won't eat from the McDonald's menu, you might as well play it safe.