'Mean Girls' Day Tweets & Memes Prove The Limit Does Not Exist When Celebrating The Movie

Lindsay Lohan has recently been in some upsetting news about a severed finger, just around a time of the year that should, ideally, be really, really exciting. Today marks Mean Girls Day, a.k.a., Oct. 3, a day that everyone who grew up in the early '00s should celebrate. Lohan's character, former plastic Cady Heron, unintentionally established her own holiday in the movie when informing her math class guy-to-be that it was Oct. 3. Now, every year the Regina Georges and Janice Ians of the world congregate to celebrate the angsty teen movie by showering social media with comedic tweets and memes about Mean Girls Day.

These tweets are important because they help keep the Mean Girls spirit alive long after the film's 2004 release. In addition, they evidence that even after 12 whole years it's hard to shake the movie that left us all wearing pink on Wednesdays, and cheering for Glen Coco. (You go, Glen Coco.)

It's clearly hard to let go of the film that helped shape us into the adults we are today. And these tweets and memes prove it.

1. When You Realize It's Already Oct. 3

2. When Everybody Else In Your Timeline Realizes It Is Oct. 3

3. When You Get This Weird Piece Of Advice... On Oct. 3

4. When Lindsay Lohan Joins In On The Fun

5. When You Have To Pay Tribute To The Classic Meme

6. When Kevin G. Also Pays Tribute To Holiday

7. When Harambe Somehow Fits Into Oct. 3

8. When You Have A Lot Of Feelings About The Day

9. When You Keep It Classic

10. When Damien Remembers What Day It Is

Just scrolling through the hashtag on Twitter you'll see that the limit truly doesn't exist regarding the "Oct. 3" meme, but that's OK. Because unlike fetch, this day is going to happen.