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12 Meaningful Grandparents Day Gifts That'll Really Tug At Their Heartstrings

by Lindsay E. Mack

Let your creativity shine for some of your most beloved family members this year. These DIY gifts for Grandparents Day are great because they're so meaningful and personal. You can absolutely make their day by spending a few minutes on any of these projects.

National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day every year, and it's all about honoring the grandmothers and grandfathers of the world. This year National Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, September 13, 2020. You don't have to run out and buy a bunch of stuff to celebrate. Often what grandparents really want, more than anything, is to spend time with their family in a meaningful way.

Like everything else in 2020, however, celebrating Grandparents Day can be a little complicated. Because the coronavirus is still a concern in much of the world, proper social distancing may still be the best idea for your family. Maybe your grandparents live too far to visit without a plane ride, or maybe they live with you so you're already quarantine companions. In any case, everyone's situation is different, so use your best judgement about whether to visit in them in-person this year.

At any rate, you know them best, so you'll know what gifts are most fitting for your grandparents. Here's some Grandparents Day gift and craft ideas to consider for your own family.


Make A Video Montage

It's time to put all those adorable photos and snippets of video to good use. Go through your phone stash and edit together a video montage that shows members of your family being sweet, funny, or just plain silly together. Your grandparents will love reliving all those birthday parties, family reunions, and vacation moments from recent months or years past.


Set Up A Big Family Video Chat

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When you can't all be together in person, this is the next best option: video calls. Whether you use Zoom, FaceTime, or other platform, your grandparents will love catching up with everyone and being able to see their faces. Add in some goofy virtual backgrounds and photo props to keep the meeting fun.


Make Their Favorite Dish

If you're able to visit your grandparents in person, then consider cooking up something special. Create a meal they will love, whether it's an old family favorite or a copycat restaurant recipe. After all, a tasty homemade meal is one of the best gifts you can give anybody.


Sing From Their Lawn

Who says caroling is only for the wintertime? Gather on the lawn outside your grandparents' lawn and sing a fun song. It will make a memorable day for everybody.


Share Your Garden

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If you're an avid gardener, or simply someone who enjoys growing basil in the kitchen window, share some of your harvest with your grandparents. A bouquet of cut flowers, gathering of late summer fruit, or arrangement of cute succulents would make a sweet and personal gift.


Take A Home Tour On Video Call

If your grandparents haven't gotten a chance to visit in-person for a while, then give them a home tour over FaceTime or WhatsApp. For an added bit of fun, hand the phone over to your children for a kids'-eye view of the place. It's a fun way to (safely) open your home to them in 2020.


Complete A Chore Or Task

For some of my older relatives, simply mowing the lawn or stocking up on groceries for the week is the best gift of all. See if your grandparents need help with anything, whether that's weeding the garden or walking the dog. They might appreciate it more than you'll ever know.


Have A Family Game Night

If you're from a family that adores gaming, then spend the afternoon or evening gaming away together. (My own grandmother absolutely loved playing dominoes, for instance.) If real-life meet ups are not in the cards right now, here's some games you can play on Zoom, including charades or Would You Rather? There are many grandparent-friendly games available, and if you're the sort of family that can play an inter-generational round of What Do You Meme? together, then good on you.


Send Baked Goods

Send your grandparents a tasty homemade treat. If you can drop it off at their house, then basically anything is game. If you're making goodies to mail, then choose recipes that ship well. Just give them a heads' up to expect something perishable (and delicious) in the mail.


Create An Original Art Piece

Put your creative talents to work. Sketch a picture, knit something cool, or craft some original jewelry for your grandparents. If you need some inspiration, it's easy to tie dye using materials from around the house.


Share Your Family History

Start researching your family's history, and share your findings. If you need help getting started, the genealogy department in your local library is a great resource. Who knows? Maybe you and your grandparents are related to somebody famous.


Print Out A Photo

For a simple but meaningful gift, print out a photo of your family for your grandparents. It can be something a bit posed, or a totally candid moment. They'll love having a fresh pic of their loved ones around. However you choose to celebrate Grandparents Day 2020, just remind your loved ones that they're always in your heart.