Courtesy of Medela

Medela's Freestyle Flex Breast Pump Is Lightweight, Quiet, & Smart — EXCLUSIVE


Having the ability to multitask while pumping is a key feature many moms look for when purchasing a breast pump. Medela's Freestyle Flex is designed just for that purpose. The new model, available Nov. 26, is smaller, lighter, and quieter than Medela's Freestyle Pump for easy transport and use, and pairs with the MyMedela app to help you keep track of your sessions.

The Freestyle Flex is a rechargeable cordless pump which provides two hours of pumping time per charge. It comes with a wall plug and USB charging cord, allowing it to be hooked up to a laptop or a car port if needed. The pump itself is about the size of a smartphone, has touchscreen controls, and weighs less than one pound. While it doesn't come with a clip to attach to your pants, it does have a lanyard so you can attach it through a belt loop or hang it from your wrist.

For the most part, it can be completely hands-free when paired with a pumping bra (note: you also still have to attach the bottles to the pump). You can choose from 10 different strength levels, all of which have two-phase expression technology. The Freestyle Flex is also quieter than the original Freestyle model (about as loud as a running laptop).

Each Freestyle Flex Breast Pump comes with a carrying bag, two sets of Medela's PersonalFit Flex breast shields (designed to express more milk, but you can use standard breast shields), four bottles, a cooler bag, and a pack of disposable nursing pads. All of the equipment, aside from the handheld device, is top rack dishwasher safe.

The breast pump retails for $380 and can be purchased at a variety of online stores including Amazon,,, and Also, beginning in January 2020, it will be available exclusively through Aeroflow for U.S. customers purchasing through insurance.

No matter where and when you decide to use it (in the car, at the office, while folding laundry, etc), Medela's mini Freestyle Flex won't solve all your pumping woes, but it will at least make some aspects of pumping a little bit easier.