Meet The World's Most Expensive Menorah, & And 4 Other Epic Candelabras

by Meg Kehoe

'Tis the season for latkes and candlelight, y'all. Hanukkah is right around the corner, and with it comes eight glorious nights of the Festival of Lights. Celebrating the successful rebellion of the Maccabees, Hanukkah pays tribute to the dedication of a group of people who believed in their right to religious freedom. Not to mention the miracle of the lantern blazing for eight days on one day's worth of oil. Although this explains the importance of menorahs, it doesn't explain the world's most expensive menorah.

Owned by Jonathan Greenstein until 2014, the world's most expensive menorah is a relic from 18th century Ukraine. Greenstein, a prominent dealer and auctioneer specializing in Judaica, sold the candelabra last November for $100,000. That could buy quite a bit of Hanukkah gelt!

So what made this piece so special. Well, according to Greenstein, age plays an important factor. "It’s all about rarity and aesthetics," Greenstein told Marketwatch. "If it’s gorgeous, it will sell for a lot. And if it’s old, it will sell for a lot."

Everyone knows the true meaning of the holidays — be it Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, or a mix of all three — is about time spent together, family, and celebration. But sometimes you need a little ludicrous excess to get you through the season. (Don't tell me you've never contemplated a little extra bling around the holidays.) Below, you'll find not only excessive, but amazing Hanukkah swag. From 24 karat gold, to diamond encrusted, to menorahs the size of a toddler — it's all here.


Agam Hanukkah Menorah

Does it get much better than a 4-D menorah with useable dreidels in the stem? Well yes! This Etsy find is made of 24 karat gold. It'll only set you back $4,000.


Menorah Sculpture

This vintage menorah sculpture, designed by Yaakov Agam, is composed of 35 movable branches in honor of the 35th anniversary of Israel celebrations. And it's semi-affordable at $1,603.


Silver Stone Menorah

An immense work of art, this $14,000 menorah is hand made and incorporates sterling silver and Jerusalem stone.


Shaul Baz Menorah

Sometimes, you just need an enormous brass menorah shipped straight from Jerusalem. And it only costs $4,450.