Meghan King Edmonds Is Leaving 'RHOC' Amid Pregnancy With Twins

One of the Real Housewives of Orange County stars has decided to leave the hit reality series after three seasons on the show. Today, Meghan King Edmonds revealed she's leaving RHOC amid her pregnancy with twins, according to an announcement on her blog. In the post — titled "Goodbye RHOC" — she explained that it was a decision she had mulled over for months. While fans may be devastated to hear this news, her reason to call it quits is actually quite relatable.

When Edmonds decided to leave the show, according to her blog, she said that she met with Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen to discuss her decision in St. Louis, Missouri, where Edmonds' family is and where Cohen grew up. Edmonds stated in her blog:

Over Thanksgiving, Andy and I met up in our shared hometown of St. Louis and I told him about our impending twins as well as my intent to leave the show. He was completely understanding. In fact, all of production has been nothing but understanding and supportive of me and my decisions every step of the way.

Being pregnant takes a toll on your body and your mind. With that said, Edmonds made a good point that she wants to surround herself with positivity and provide a safe environment for her unborn twins, according to Bravo. Edmonds said that being a high-risk pregnancy with twins would make it difficult to endure long hours of filming and she's right.

Over the course of her time on RHOC, Edmonds has dealt with criticism of her marriage to former MLB star Jim Edmonds and she has battled drama with several of her fellow cast-mates on a variety of issues. She also dealt with the loss of her husband's ex-wife, Lee Ann Horton, who died from cancer in 2015, according to People. Edmonds put her emotional journey on the show and revealed how Horton's death effected the family.

Prior to meeting Edmonds, husband Jim had four children from his first two marriages, all girls. Then, on Thanksgiving Day 2016, Edmonds gave birth to daughter Aspen, as reported by Bravo. She had shared her journey with IVF on Real Housewives of Orange County, something she managed while her husband continued to travel back and forth from California to St. Louis for work.

Because her husband's work is in St. Louis, Missouri and their family is there, Edmonds has revealed that geography also played a part in her decision to leave RHOC. Edmonds was often alone when going through the emotional journey of IVF, while pregnant and while figuring out how to be a new mom, though she had help from her cousin, who became her live-in nanny. Because of this, Edmonds felt it best to be closer to her husband and family, moving away from Orange County, as she stated in her blog post on Tuesday. She and her husband are currently building a home for themselves and their family, as Edmonds revealed:

I wanted to spend more time with my husband during baseball season and more time with my two young step kids who live full-time in St Louis. So Jimmy and I have decided to dig our roots into the midwest as we begin to build our dream home for our rapidly expanding family.

Edmonds also revealed that being a new mother was very difficult on Real Housewives of Orange County. In her blog, she wrote that Season 3 of RHOC was her roughest:

I had a newborn and had to hire a full time live-in nanny (my cousin) so as to allow me the flexibility to meet my obligations of continuous days and long hours of filming, traveling, etc. When I was home I was a full time hands-on mom (you didn’t get to see this) doing all the regular mom stuff including waking up at all hours to breast feed my baby – all while my husband worked his crazy baseball schedule around the US while I was learning how to be a first time mom.

Clearly, this was a difficult decision for Edmonds, but can anyone really imagine being in the public eye with all she has gone through on her road to motherhood? With her husband working long-distance, her family being across the country, going through IVF to get pregnant, dealing with a first-time pregnancy, handling motherhood as a new mom and then becoming pregnant with twin boys, it's totally understandable that Edmonds has decided to leave the Real Housewives to dedicate all of her energy to her growing family.

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