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Meghan Markle Donated Some Of Baby Archie's "Outgrown" Clothes

by Brianna Wiest

Dozens of babies are going to be living everyone's dream and wearing some real royal clothes, and the story behind it all couldn't be more inspiring. While finishing out their tour in Cape Town, South Africa, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made one of their final stops to a nonprofit organization working towards a "health HIV-free Africa," at which Meghan Markle donated some of baby Archie's hand-me-downs to other families in need, including some iconic outfits you've seen before.

Markle visited Mother2Mother, an organization in Cape Town aimed at preventing the spread of HIV from mothers to their children. Among the items Markle donated were two white onesies, one that said "The Future" on it, and another with the Invictus Games logo on it, which is the international sporting event Prince Harry created for wounded veterans. "Here's a few little things that I thought would be helpful," Markle told charity officials before handing them the bags of clothing, according to E! News, adding that Archie's outgrown them. "He's outgrown this, he doesn't fit in this one," Markle said, referring to a cute white onesie, according to The Mirror.

"It’s so important we’re able to share what’s worked for our family and know that we’re all in this together with each other. So we wanted to share something from our home to each of yours," Markle said, according to a post on the Sussex Royal Instagram.

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Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After her visit, some of the charity's leaders shared that Markle had a really emotional experience. For instance, according to Town & Country, Markle met a 29-year-old woman named Limpho Nteko, from Lesotho, who manages 84 mentor mothers in 16 health facilities. And in an interview with the magazine, Nteko said that Markle was "very moved, very touched." Nteko added in the same Town & Country interview, "I could tell that she was actually trying to put herself in my shoes to get a clear picture of what I was saying."

Markle, of course, also interacted with the children at the event. "The way she made us all feel so comfortable, so quickly — she just wanted to connect, listen, and share. It was so good," Nteko told Harper's Bazaar.

At the end, Markle also suggested that everyone come in for a group hug, a moment of which was captured and shared on the Sussexes' Instagram account as well.

Mothers2Mothers trains women (known as "Mentor Mothers") to work in local communities and at understaffed health facilities in order to ensure women and families are getting the advice and care they need, particularly when it comes to managing, and not spreading, HIV to their children, according to the organization's website. Mothers2Mothers started in 2001 in South Africa, with an initial focus solely on HIV transmission, but has now built to include family-centered support for a range of related health and social issues spanning pregnancy, birth, childhood, and adolescence.

It's inspiring to see Markle and her family traveling the world for such great causes, right after returning for her own maternity leave. It's one thing to show up, and it's another to think of thoughtful touches such as donating her own son's clothing to the organization.