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Meghan Markle Had A Hard Time Leaving Baby Archie For The First Time

It's impossible to fully prepare yourself for parenthood, and specifically for the bond you will form with your little one. I mean, this tiny human depends on you for literally everything. Although new motherhood is definitely a shock to the system, that first time you go somewhere without your baby — even if it's just a quick trip to the grocery store while your partner watches her — can be an emotional rollercoaster. Apparently, Meghan Markle had a hard time leaving baby Archie for the first time, and it's so relatable.

The annual Trooping of the Colour was held on Saturday, June 8. The celebration of Queen Elizabeth II''s birthday always comes with huge fanfare. However, this year's event also happened to be Markle's first public appearance since welcoming her first child, Archie, with Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex gave birth to her son on May 6, meaning little Archie was just over 1 month old on Saturday.

Although it appeared Markle was having a great time — between riding in a carriage with her husband during the parade and standing on the Buckingham Palace balcony alongside other members of the royal family — reportedly, it wasn't easy for the new mom to be away from her son. (And I mean, who could blame her?) “She has spent almost every moment with him and saying goodbye was very difficult,” an insider told Us Weekly. “But Meghan truly wanted to be at the celebration for the queen.”

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“Meghan loved seeing all the other royal children and was doting on them,” the insider continued. They added that Markle has "always been great with kids, but seemed to gravitate to them more” on Saturday.

For the record, Markle isn't the only one who has had a rough time leaving Archie — so has his daddy. When Prince Harry headed off on an overnight trip to Italy, it wasn't a picnic, either.

“Harry left for Italy and it was very difficult for him to leave Archie and Meghan,” the source told Us Weekly. “He wants to spend every second he can with them.”

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As a mom of four, I have experienced a mix of relief and anxiety the first few times I've been away from each child. On one hand, freedom! On the other: "What if she cries the whole time I'm gone?" or, "What if something happens while I'm away?" Because no one adequately warns you how difficult being away from your baby can be at first.

It's worth noting that Markle herself hasn't weighed in on her experience leaving Archie for the first time. However, if it was rough on her, she didn't outwardly let on during the Trooping of the Colour. Then again, Markle was an actress after all. So who knows? Perhaps behind that royal smile, the Duchess of Sussex was really thinking, "I wish I could be rocking my baby to sleep right now while sniffing his delicious head instead of fake smiling in front of thousands of complete strangers." And if she did, I have a feeling most moms would relate.