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Meghan Markle Has To Pass A UK Trivia Test To Join The Royal Family

In just two weeks, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will exchange their vows in an extravagant royal ceremony at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. And not long after the wedding on May 19, the humanitarian and former actor will take her new husband's nationality. But in order to become a British citizen, she will have to take a test on U.K. history, facts, and figures. Curious what that entails? Well, here is some of the trivia Meghan Markle has to know to join the royal family.

Anyone who wants to become a citizen of England has to pass the "Life in the U.K." test, according to Reuters. They would have answer 18 out of 24 questions correctly — questions that are pulled from some 3,000 facts, Reuters reported. And the test is actually quite a doozy. Reuters quizzed 41 random Britons to see if even they can pass the test, but only 23 answered enough questions correctly.

The quiz didn't sit well with a lot of test takers. Chef Tom Poston, who failed Reuters sample test, told the outlet, "I did history at school but some of them are just absolutely stupid. I would have been kicked out, amazing. I think [Markle's] going to have to do a lot of studying because I'm shocked."

Want to know what's on the "Life in the U.K." test? Here are just some of the possible questions.

How Old Is The Big Ben Bell?

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Big Ben, the name of the bell in The Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower, first rang on May 31, 1859, but was recast in 1858, which would make it 160 years old, according to Visit London. Although the tower is commonly referred to as "Big Ben," the moniker is actually the name for the bell inside the clock tower.

Who Opened Britain's First Indian Restaurant?

Sake Dean Mahomed, a Muslim author, veteran, immigrant, and entrepreneur, opened the Hindoostane Coffee House, Britain's first curry restaurant, in London's Portman Square in 1810, according to The Independent. A plague was installed at Hindoostane's former location in 2005 to honor Mahomed's legacy, according to Atlas Obscura.

What's The Size Of The Lake District National Park?

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Is "huge" an appropriate response? The Lake District National Park is England's largest natural outdoor space and spans 2,362 square kilometers, which is equivalent to about 912 miles, according to the park's official website. The Lake District National Park is also home to 10 of the highest mountains and 16 of the largest lakes in the country, the website states.

What's The Height Of The London Eye Ferris Wheel?

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The London Eye towers at 443 feet tall, and is the fourth-largest Ferris wheel in the world, according to Conde Nast Traveler. Its wheel circumference is 1,392 feet, which would make it the tallest structure in the city if it were not a wheel, Conde Nast Traveler pointed out. Instead, the Shard holds the record for tallest building in London, coming in at 1,004 feet high.

How Many Lawmakers Sit In The Scottish Parliament?

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The current Scottish Parliament has 129 members, according to its website. More than 60 of those members belong to the Scottish National Party, while 31 are part of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, and 23 to the Scottish Labor party. The Scottish Green Party and Scottish Liberal Democrats have six and five members, respectively, the website states. One identifies as an independent, and the other has no party affiliation.

To be honest, I would have known none of this information if it weren't for a bit of internet searching, so I'd imagine Markle has a lot of studying to do before she takes the "Life in the U.K." test to become a citizen. Can't say I envy her.