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Meghan Markle Reveals How Baby Archie's "Feeding Times" Guided Her Royal Tour Plans

by Casey Suglia

When you have a new baby, your schedule tends to completely revolve around whenever they need to eat and sleep. And that's exactly what the Duchess of Sussex had to juggle with her 5-month-old son Archie during her family's recent royal tour in South Africa. In fact, during an official royal appearance this week, Meghan Markle revealed how she accommodated Archie's schedule around her work obligations. And, thankfully, while she admitted it was a lot, everyone has been understanding and supportive.

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have been on a 10-day tour of Africa with their little one in tow. During their visit, they have worked with charities close to their hearts and made a bunch of official appearances, all while keeping their son in mind, of course.

Wednesday, Oct. 2, marks the couple's last day on tour, according to People, and now that she has some experience traveling with her baby, Markle is opening up about the difficulties of this task. Markle told reporters on Tuesday that she and Archie have been doing "well" on this trip, as People reported, but also shared that some things have been tricky.

"I think the schedule — they have been very kind to me, because everything is based around Archie's feeding times," she said, according to TIME.

Although she said working and taking care of her baby boy is "a full plate," spending time with their son in Africa has been an amazing time for them. "We're making it work," she added. "It's worth it."

Traveling with a baby isn't easy by any means, especially when your travel schedule is one as intensive as Markle's. Over the past 10 days, Markle has met with key figures, visited charities, and even took part in a community cooking session, according to The Telegraph. She even joined her husband for a royal appearance via Skype last weekend, while Archie napped, clearly taking advantage of the moment of quiet.

When Archie was awake, they also got to have some fun with him, too. The couple brought their son on one official appearance to meet anti-apartheid leader, Desmond Tutu, according to The Guardian. During this appearance, Archie was thriving in front of the cameras and looked like such a natural when meeting with Tutu. "I think he's used to it," Prince Harry joked at the time about all of the cameras, according to The Guardian.

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This isn't the first time Markle opened up about feeding her son. In September, in fact, Markle attended the launch of her capsule collection with Smart Works, but excused herself from reporters because of Archie, according to Cosmopolitan. In a video taken from the event, Meghan can be heard talking about feeding her son. "Yes, thank you, I've got to get back to the baby — feed time," she said, laughing, according to Cosmopolitan.

Like any baby, Archie's feeding schedule sounds pretty demanding. But schedules are obviously very important for growing babies; according to Parents, babies like predictability and routine, especially when they're on vacation (like Archie). Now that their family trip has come to an end, Archie will be back to his normal routine in no time. And hopefully Markle is getting some much-deserved rest.