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Meghan Markle's Skin Care Routine Is Super Easy-To-Follow & Simpler Than You Think

by Cat Bowen

Watching Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry, I could not stop marveling at how beautiful her skin was. She strolled down the aisle with her freckles out, her face glowing, and the most delicately applied makeup I'd ever seen at a wedding. Now, as she appears more and more frequently in her duties as the Duchess of Sussex, I'm bowled over by her elegant beauty and still just awestruck by her gorgeous skin. After a little investigating, I learned that much of Meghan Markle's skin care routine is pretty attainable to the everyday woman, which makes me love her even more than I already did.

The newest royal takes her skin seriously, and begins treating it from the inside out. Markle told Delish that she avoids gluten whenever possible, and has noticed a huge change in her skin because of it. And it's not just saying no to bread and pasta for the flawless fashion icon. She makes sure to hydrate from the inside by drinking plenty of water, and having a smoothie with coconut water and berries that's rich in antioxidants and powerful nutrients like potassium to keep her hydrated and glowing, the duchess reportedly said in an interview with Chalkboard Magazine. Basically, she's thinking ahead without doing a whole lot of product work, and I'm here for it. If you want more of her skin care tips, here's what we found about her routine.

Workouts Aren't Just For Your Abs

In an interview with Birchbox, Markle lauded her practice of facial massage and exercises she learned from her favorite skin care expert Nicola Joss. Joss explains in this video how she believes it gets the blood flowing and works the cleanser and oils into the skin, allowing them to do a better job at hydrating and firming.

It's done first thing in the morning to really wake up your skin. Joss advocates the use of a cleansing oil as opposed to a traditional cleanser, the difference being that it lacks the harsh sulfates and foaming agents that tend to dry out the skin.

Tea Tree Oil For Life

For those spots that pop up when you're least expecting it, Markle said there's no better treatment than tea tree oil, and she keeps it in her cabinet all the time. While she doesn't say which brand she uses, as a diehard devotee myself, I have used the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil ($6, Body Shop) since I started breaking out over 20 years ago. They even have it in stick form.

Skin-Forward Snacking

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Delish, Meghan Markle regularly snacks on almonds to keep her full and to help her skin glow. These nuts are packed with vitamin E, noted nutritionist Joy Bauer, and that's a key ingredient to having glowing, healthy skin.

Bored with plain almonds? Markle also reportedly loves almond butter, which you can make yourself, and add interesting ingredients to make it more exciting, like curry or vanilla.

A Splurge Worthy Moisturizer

In an interview with The Lady Loves Couture, Markle praised Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Serum as her go-to skin serum for that dewy complexion she's known for. At $75, it's a splurge for some, but it comes in a generously-sized bottle for the price. Honestly, if it will give me Meghan Markle-like skin, maybe I should do a switch from my own pricey serum.

Buff It Out

Meghan Markle is basically human glitter with how she sparkles for the camera. Apparently, this is at least in part due to her love of exfoliating, she told Allure. Markle uses Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, which I will tell you, is one of my absolute favorites as well. It's not as harsh as an apricot scrub, and feels more like an actual facial buffing than the scraping sensation many exfoliators provide.

Don't Cover What Makes You Unique

Markle has no interest in wearing foundation off set, or ostensibly now, when she's not at a proper royal function, and prefers to let her freckles show through, according to an interview with Allure. She prefers just a touch of concealer and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat concealer and Laura Mercier primer. She'll add a bit of the cult classic blush, Orgasm by Nars, and Diorshow mascara, and call it done.

Make Sure To Take It Off, Even If You're Tired

Markle swears by Biore Daily Deep Cleansing wipes, according to an interview with Birchbox, for those times you still need to get your makeup off, but man, you're tired.

Get Your Whole Body Moisturized

She told the Lady Loves Couture that you have to make sure your skin looks good from head to toe. For that, she uses Nivea Firming Body Lotion to keep it gorgeous.