Mel B. Hints At Spice Girls Reunion, & Here's Why It Needs To Happen

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls getting together, and there may be good news in store for fans: Sporty Spice, aka Mel B., whose real name is Melanie Brown, says there might be another Spice Girls reunion at long last. It's not for sure, though. According to USA Today, the Spice Girl told a British television host that, given their anniversary year, it would be "rude not to celebrate so hopefully something will be happening pretty soon."

It goes without saying that a reunion would be something that fans really, really want, and this isn't the first time we've all been teased with the idea of a reunion tour. Just this past August, a number of ex-Spices taunted us all on social media, slyly suggesting at a reunion without offering any details. "Do I need to put my pigtails back in?" Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, asked on Twitter. Hopefully the answer proves to be yes. Their last reunion tour, back in 2007-2008, raked in $70 million, which, though a pretty penny, certainly doesn't match the success of the Spice Girls' debut album in 1996, Spice, which went multi-platinum in 27 countries.

Until we have confirmation of a reunion, the best we can do is daydream about the reasons it should definitely happen.

Because The Clothes

Let's face it: if the Spice Girls went on a reunion tour, we'd all be pretty interested in what they're wearing. Fashion was always central to the Spice Girls' image, not least because each Spice Girl was named for their particular style: Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Ginger Spice, and Posh Spice.

Because 2016 Will Be The Year of Girl Power

"If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends," the Spice Girls opined in "Wannabe," their first hit single. They thus marked themselves as the official pop embassadors of girl power. It would be pretty great if their reunion tour coincided the the election of the first female U.S. president, no?

Because David Beckham

I know, I know. Just because Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, is married to soccer (err, football) superstar David Beckham does NOT mean that he will attend the reunion tour. But still, the thought of extra David Beckham sitings (not that we don't have enough already) certainly spices up the idea of a Spice Girls reunion tour.

Because The Dancing

Is there anything better than dancing along to "Wannaba," or "Say You'll Be There"? Or, for that matter, "2 Become 1," if you're looking for a slow dance? No, of course not, and if a reunion tour happens, we'd all have plenty of time to perfect our Female Power Strut, which goes something like this:

Image: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images