Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Melissa McCarthy Celebrated Mother's Day On 'SNL'

This week's Saturday Night Live was highly anticipated given that it had been a busy news week and Melissa McCarthy was hosting. Things were bound to get wild. But it's also a holiday, and instead of getting all political, for her SNL monologue, Melissa McCarthy celebrated Mother's Day and it was super sweet. McCarthy, a mother of two, began the monologue asking all of the moms in the audience to stand up.

After asking about her children, McCarthy invited one lucky mom, Joan, to join in her a special backstage tour of the SNL studio. "I need some Mom-time," McCarthy joked, since she couldn't be with her own mother this weekend. Joan was totally game to run through the studios with the comedian. (Um, who wouldn't be?)

Their first stop was to pick up a super ridiculous hat for Joan in the wardrobe closet — because it's not a Mother's Day party if there isn't a hat. There, they met Alec Baldwin, who reprised his Donald Trump character for the cold open, and allegedly wasn't wearing any pants. Joan did not seem to mind. The two new besties carried on, with McCarthy narrating the entire tour, like stopping at the page desk to ask for ketchup and some foot cream. Because that's what stars do, right?

More than McCarthy, most of Twitter was really feeling Joan's performance.

One of the highlights, besides and encounter with a random llama and stopping to take some tequila shots, was when the two women ran into Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively backstage. McCarthy joked that she "must have been drinking" when she invited them to show and Joan sort of felt bad for them.

"The Livelys will be fine," McCarthy told her. Whether she was just throwing out some mom-love or couldn't remember Ryan's last name, we were definitely digging the idea of giving the family the woman's name.

After running around some more, meeting the night's musical guest Haim and some other cast numbers, it was finally time for Joan's big moment: getting to burst through the iconic SNL doors, walk on stage, and say the magic words to introduce the show. Whatever you got your mom for Mother's Day, it will not be as cool as Joan getting not just tickets to SNL, but getting to hang out with McCarthy and take a tequila shot with her.

It might not have been the hard-hitting political comedy that some were expecting, but there was time for that later in the show. And the world needed to meet Joan.