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Yes, There Was A Plastic Water Bottle In The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale

by Megan Walsh

You may recall, earlier in Game of Thrones Season 8, a hilarious gaffe that was soon spun into meme gold: the craft services coffee cup. Spotting a modern paper cup in the Episode 4 banquet was so hilariously incongruous that it reached legend status; viewers will be talking about it for years to come. And now the coffee cup has a friend. That's right: they did it again. There was another slip-up in the finale, and these memes about the plastic water bottle in Game of Thrones have a lot to say about it.

The plastic bottle is, if anything, even more out of place than the coffee cup — and harder to spot. You had to really be looking to see it, but once you know where to look, you'll never see anything else. It was in the scene were all the lords and ladies gathered to pick their new king in a watered-down attempt at democracy that didn't actually take the common people's opinions into account at all. Would they have voted for King Bran? Doesn't matter! They are at the whim of the ruling class.

Much like the coffee cup, the plastic bottle soon came to represent something more than a minor mistake. Viewers had already been complaining that the final season felt careless because it seemed to discard all the character work and plot developments that came before it. Having not one, but two beverages left behind onscreen seemed to exemplify that carelessness.

The Sequel

There she is in all her glory. The plastic water bottle peeping from behind Sam's boot isn't as bold as the Mother of Dragons' latte, but it is undeniably present.

Setting Precedent

Breaking barriers isn't easy. That coffee cup opened doors for any number of drinks to be abandoned in finished shots!

New Bottle Who Dis?

If your gaze strayed from the bottle, you might have seen a stranger sitting next to Sam. Presumably he is one of the lords of the seven kingdoms but, uh, we've never seen him before. Was he there for the battle? Did he help out? Who is this guy?

Just Kidding

Can you believe how brazen these bottles are getting?! JK, this is just some expert Photoshopping from a fan, but at this point, I'd believe anything.

What Is This, A Crossover Episode?

Game of Thrones and disposable bottles isn't the crossover episode I would have ever expected, but it is one that 2019 deserves. #Shade.

The Choice Is Yours

Personally, I'd go coffee cup all the way. Yes, the plastic water bottle has the long-term ability to destroy our environment, but in battle, the coffee cup can use sizzling temperatures to burn its victims. Just like Daenerys would have wanted.

That's Not In Character

Sam is absolutely the type to invest in a quality glass bottle, so this basically amounts to character assassination.

It All Makes Sense

This really clears things up. Sam obviously used time travel to discover the secrets of a Not Really A Democracy, and in the process grabbed a quick drink. He just forgot to leave it behind when he time-jumped back home.

All Hail King Plastic Water Bottle, First Of Her Name

I'm not saying an inanimate object would be a better ruler than an avowed tree boy, but it is a close call. At the very least, I don't think the bottle would allow for BRONN to be on her team of advisors.

The Audacity

Most of the tweets about the bottle were pure disbelief. Fans have been venting their frustrations about Season 8 for weeks. By now, incredulous gifs are all that remain.

Exclude Aegon From This Narrative

No one epitomizes Game of Thrones exhaustion better than Jon Snow. He's been cold and tired for eight seasons, and now he just wants to go on a nice wintery hike with his dog instead of talking about plastic bottles. It's understandable.

This epic series concluded with some brutal shocks, big celebrations, and disappointing moments. But personally, I will always remember the laughable mistakes best of all.