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Lady Gaga's Stadium Dive Inspired Quality Memes

So if you haven't blacked out from the glory of Lady Gaga's half-time show already, you are probably still reeling from the absolutely heart-stopping first minute of her performance, when she basically pulled a Batman and FLEW DOWN INTO THE STADIUM like it was no big deal. Obviously, this has already inspired enough memes of Lady Gaga falling into a pit at the Super Bowl to last us a lifetime — nay, perhaps into whatever life comes after this (in which I assume we will all be bungee-jumping into Super Bowl stadiums on suspension cables, because why not).

Of course, this is far from the most impressive part of Lady Gaga's performance, even if it was the moment that you probably gasped the loudest. By the end of the show she had wowed everyone upside down and backwards with her flawless vocals, with subtle jerks of her head that were somehow more iconic than an entire performance of The Nutcracker, with star-spangled outfits and fan hugs and a "hi dad, hi mom!" shoutout that just about left everyone in a sploosh of their own emotions. It was only fitting that she ended the shebang with a literal mic drop and then ACTUALLY dropped down from the stage, exiting the performance with as much flair as she entered it. It was, as the kids say, gloriously extra, and the internet is here for it so hard.

Settle in for some quality tweets re: Lady Gaga dropping into the stadium, y'all — because the half-time show may have been a performance, but the TRUE ART is really just beginning ...

Some Nostalgic Real Sauce To Kick It Off

Who dives in the stadium under the stars? (LA! DY! GA! GA!)

The Only Thing More Important Than Life

Honestly, we've all risked our lives for pizza in situations more perilous than this, am I right?

When You Remember You Have Work In The Morning

Monday came in like a wrecking ball.

Your Actual Soul In One Picture

Or, more accurately, what the average human would look like trying to recreate this moment.

Lady Gaga Putting Tom Cruise In His Place

Sorry, Tom, you had your time.

When The Struggle Is Realest

We've all been there.

The Newest Avenger

Honestly, what superhero WASN'T intimidated by that move?

Peer Pressure

I mean, if any of us were big-headed enough to call Lady Gaga a "peer".


The only mic drop louder than Lady Gaga's. WE OUT.