The $5 Candy Corn Trees At Michael's Are So Cute, Even Candy Corn Haters Can't Resist

Candy corn is a delight and a gift. I don't care how many people tell me it's a vile confection that has the taste of candle wax, I love it. That's why I wasn't at all surprised to see that craft giant Michael's was selling these candy corn trees designed to look like little pine trees, which perfectly capture the glory of the sugary nuggets without all the calories.

At just $5, these candy corn trees are the Halloween decorations you didn't even know that you needed. Approximately 4 inches by 2 inches, the orange, yellow, and white ombre pine trees would be ideal for your fall centerpieces, even beyond Halloween. These candy corn trees would be great for Thanksgiving tables, harvest parties, and other autumnal gatherings. They are constructed of sisal and wire, and just because Halloween is so extra, they're completely coated in sparkly glitter. They are available both in store and online, with shipping taking just four to six business days.

While these candy corn trees are adorable, and perfect for a Halloween tableau, they are flammable, so keep them away from lit candles and power outlets. Other than that, they are exactly what many of us were looking for to fit our theme. Basically, they're flexible. With these you could go fully whimsical, adding glittered candy garland on the tables wrapped around sparkly pumpkins and caramel apples. Or, you could go more elegant, using these on a black table set in stunning contrast against the darkness.

Michael's is just full of festive wonder this time of year. These candy corn trees are just a small sampling of all the candy corn themed decorations. All I can think is, finally. Candy corn is getting the recognition it deserves in the land of Halloween candy. Let me tell you, there is no candy that better captures this holiday than good old candy corn. It's workhorse. You can throw it in your Chex mix for a little something fun, and you can melt it down into water, making it the most delicious simple syrup you've ever tasted. (Ever had a candy corn latte? You can now. Just add a few shots of that simple syrup to a regular latte, and you're all set. I don't know why Starbucks hasn't started serving these yet.)

Also, candy corn makes a mighty fine vodka or moonshine infuser. Just dump a bag of candy corn into a jar of plain moonshine and let it set for a few weeks. Strain, and you've got your new favorite mistake. I am sorry and you're welcome. Just think, if you decorate your bathroom with these candy corn trees, you can stare at them while you reevaluate the life decisions that led you to sitting on the edge of the tub, just then remembering that you're too old to have more than one shot in an evening. At least your bathroom looks nice?

Candy corn is a whole theme, if you ask me. Orange, yellow, and white, with maybe some accents of gold or purple, would make a lovely color scheme for your Halloween decorations. I'm not sure if a high fructose corn syrup frenzied theme of decor is 100 percent Martha Stewart approved, but I guarantee that your kids will think it's just aces.

You get a pair of trees for $5, so you could ostensibly buy several pairs and use them all over your house, or even to line the walkways beside the electric luminaries. If you take them off the base, you could screw them directly into planters or in bouquets for a fun, quirky look that would surely get noticed. No matter how they're used, they're going to be popular, so get yours soon.