Michelle Obama's Valentine To President Obama Is…

It doesn't matter what you think of their politics, you have to admit that President Obama and the First Lady are America's relationship goals personified. Michelle sent Obama a Valentine on video this week during his appearance on Ellen and it was the cutest thing ever. Without being mushy or too much, they First Couple manages to show each other (and the entire country) that they actually like each other without making it weird, like watching your parents publicly display affection when you're a teenager. For the Valentine's Day message, Michelle recited a "roses are red, violets are blue" poem for Obama. The punchline? "You are the President, I am your boo."

Silly, yes. Cute and totally appropriate for a head of state? Maybe. But who cares? Cheesy is the main ingredient for any Valentine's Day surprise. She then went on to joke about her workout routine (100 pushups, she says) and wish Ellen and her wife Portia De Rossi a happy V-Day, as well. It's just nice all around. And who couldn't use more nice these days? Even cuter than her message is the president's face while he watched it. Obama had the biggest grin on his face from the very beginning and laughs at all the right spots. When Ellen made him shoot his own message he said that he already had something prepared. Of course it's staged, but in real life, doesn't Obama seem like the kind of guy who would never forget a Valentines?

That's where it gets a little goofy. He told the First Lady that he's going to "treat her right" by make her zucchini bread and giving her a massage. Cue the collective groan. He made a joke about "Obama-caring" about her and then closed by telling her that she's the best decision he's ever made. Again, totally cheesy, but also pretty cute. As the First Couple, they're pretty modern in that they aren't shy about being best friends as well as husband and wife. Or some of the most powerful people in the world.

Before the Super Bowl this year, they sat down with Gayle King and talked about hanging with their friends and eating junk food, just like the rest of America. King also had them say what they liked about each other. Michelle said that she likes when he holds her hand. In return, Barack complimented his wife's laugh. If you do have a Valentine this year, you can only hope to emulate such a tight bond. If you don't, something like the Obama's mutual respect for each other is something to hold out for.