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Disney's Iconic Mickey Ice Cream Bars Are Coming To A Store Near You

Sometimes, it's weird to see little kids talking about cartoon shows that were popular years ago. Like, those things are still around? But there's no cartoon character that's lasted as long in the spotlight as Disney's iconic Mickey Mouse. In celebration of the beloved character's 90th anniversary, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are coming from the park to a grocery store near you! They'll only be available for a limited time though, so you have to act fast!

On Nov. 18, 1928, the famous mouse launched his career in "Steamboat Willie" at New York's Colony Theater. Since then, Mickey Mouse has had quite the career. Disney celebrated Mickey's 90th anniversary in 2018, but if you missed those big celebrations, don't worry about it! You still have the chance to celebrate Mickey your own way with some limited edition products in honor of his ninety years.

Fans who have been to Disney parks will be really excited about this news. According to ABC News, Nestle has partnered with Disney to bring a version of their Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars out of the park and into your home. They'll be slightly smaller than the versions found in the park, but the bars will still be an awesome treat.

Love the Mouse Travel shared a picture of the bars on their Instagram. They'll come in a blue package with an old-fashioned version of Mickey standing to the side. For the caption, Love the Mouse Travel wrote, "You heard it here first...Starting in February 2019, check out the freezer section for your little taste of the magic."

The Mickey Premium Ice Cream bar will be sold in packages of six nationwide as a vanilla ice cream bar coated in chocolate in the shape of Mickey's head, as reported by Parenting. According to ABC News, the in-store versions will be three ounces each instead of the park's regular four, and will cost $7.49.

The bars will be sold at most major grocery stores, according to WDW News. But, there's no confirmed list available yet. However, WDW News noted that Arizona residents can order these treats and have them delivered through Instacart's partnership with Fry's Food and Drug Supermarket. In addition, California residents have also reported availability at Ralph's Grocery.

People are definitely excited to get their hands on these ice cream bars! Beneath Love the Mouse Travel's post, fans were quick to comment.

"ohmygosh. i nearly cried when i had one at disneyland in august. i won’t be back at disney until summer 2020 so this just made my entire day!!!" one fan shared.

Another added, "These things are going to sell like hot cakes!"

Although the bars are available only for a limited time, there's no word on just how limited it is. Disney could choose to extend their availability if the ice cream bars sell really well, but who knows!

If you're a Mickey Mouse fan, remember to start checking the shelves of your local grocery store in February. These bars are a fun way to celebrate everyone's favorite mouse.