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Mike Pence's Quotes About Women That Show His Disregard For Their Wellbeing

It's official. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced his running mate, and it's not someone who's going to help win over the women vote. Trump has named Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his pick for vice president. While he's not a very well known politician, he's famous among Evangelical Indianans and infamous among women's rights activists. Again and again he's passed legislature that negatively impacts his women constituents, and expanding his influence to a federal scale could be detrimental. To prove the point, here are Mike Pence's quotes about women that show his disregard for their rights, health, and safety.

Something that probably attracted Trump to Pence is that he's got a much longer career as a politician than Trump does. Prior to his tenure as governor, he was a member of Congress where he distinguished himself by making a personal vendetta against Planned Parenthood. He tried to dissolve the organization six times, and once said, "I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history." In short, he can't wait to turn back history and undo all the progress women have made since the 1970s.

He continued his mission into his governorship by passing some of the strictest abortion laws in the country. Earlier this year, even, he passed HB 1337, one of the most draconian attacks on women's rights in recent history. According to Slate, the dangerous legislation could deny a woman an abortion based on her reason, it required her to listen to a heartbeat and get an ultrasound, and, after her procedure, she would have to pay to cremate or bury the fetus. Of course, Planned Parenthood couldn't let that stand. They took the law to court, and it was stopped from going into effect by a federal judge. The CEO of the Indiana branch, Betty Cockrum, released a statement on the ruling that was reprinted in the News Sentinel. In it, she said:

Today's decision shows Gov. Mike Pence that he cannot force his religious ideology on Hoosiers. It is further compelling recognition by the courts that legislation interfering with women's reproductive rights will not be tolerated.

Here are more Pence-isms to show what women are in for in the event the Trump-Pence ticket wins in November.

By enacting this legislation, we take an important step in protecting the unborn, while still providing an exception for the life of the mother. I sign this legislation with a prayer that God would continue to bless these precious children, mothers and families.

According to the Indy Star, Pence said this in defense of his harsh adoption bill he passed in March 2016.

I think it comes as a surprise ... to most Americans that the largest abortion provider in the country is the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X. We can stop that.

Pence shared this opinion in 2011 when he was launching yet another attempt to cut off Planned Parenthood from federal funding.

This next quotation isn't exactly about how his legislature affects women, but it is about one woman in particular. When Pence supported the pay increase for members of Congress in 2007, he said,

I fear Mrs. Pence more than I fear voters.

Pence may fear his wife, but what he should be thinking about is his legacy as a politician and the effect he's had on the people of the United States. As it stands, his record is not looking good.