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Millie Bobby Brown Looks SO Different & Oh-So-Stunning With Long, Curly Hair — PHOTO

There are certain celebs who we associate with their very iconic looks, like Ariana Grande's ponytail or Jennifer Aniston's shoulder-length fringe in the 90s. As much as we may love their classic cuts, it's always exciting to see them change it up. That's why Millie Bobby Brown's new long hair do is causing her fandom to totally bug out. It's absolutely gorgeous, of course, but it's so the opposite of the character that she's best known for — Eleven on Netflix's Stranger Things.

For those who aren't familiar with Brown, she's quickly become a household name from her leading role in the sci-fi Netflix series. For her role, Brown notoriously shaved her head to play Eleven, a child who was held in captivity and trained in mind control by the Russian government in the show. (According to W, Brown actually said shaving her head for the role was "empowering," making it all the more iconic.)

However, with Season 3 behind us and Brown's entire career ahead of her, it seems she's changing it up. She posted a photo of herself on Instagram with chest-length, curly brown hair with highlights, and it is distinctly not the style she's been known for, and yet she obviously looks just as gorgeous as ever.

"I love you enola," Brown captioned the post, referencing the newest character she'll be playing, which the hair extensions were most likely for.

Of course, fans and followers immediately began responding and praising her new look, saying that they're so proud of her career progression, and that they "can't wait to meet" her new character.

"Oh my god I already love Enola so much, she already owns my heart, can’t wait to see her!!!" one comment read. "We love you oh my god can't wait to see your new comings! Much love," said another.

Enola refers to Enola Holmes, the titular character of Brown's latest film, according to Seventeen. Enola is Sherlock Holmes' younger sister, and the film centers around her character leaving her brothers and traveling to London to solve the mystery of the disappearance of their mother. Variety reported that the film is based on the Nancy Springer book series, The Enola Holmes Mysteries, which follows Sherlock and Mycroft's younger sister.

On top of starring in the film, Brown is also producing it, according to Den Of Geek, because, well, of course she is.

Though her latest style is likely thanks to either extensions or a wig for her role, Brown has previously said that after cutting her locks to play Eleven, she'd like to keep her own hair shorter for good. "I'm keeping the pixie. I hope I inspire people... it's really cool to have short hair," she previously said, according to The Cut.

Though the hair, and of course, the new role, certainly marks a new chapter in Brown's career, it doesn't mean the last one is entirely over. Though Netflix has yet to officially announce Stranger Thing's fourth season, according to The Independent, producers have reportedly confirmed new episodes are being filmed, meaning that the wig is probably coming off, and Eleven is coming back to the small screen, at least for one more season.

Either way, it is so exciting to see Brown taking on new job opportunities, and of course, fun new hairstyles in the process.