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Mindy Kaling Baby Names Inspired By 'The Office’

Mindy Kaling is crushing it lately, isn't she? Seriously, from her own show, The Mindy Project, preparing to air its final season on Hulu, to her new role in the sure-to-be hit, A Wrinkle In Time, the actress and producer is on the top of her game. And after news broke that the 38-year-old comedy genius is pregnant, Kaling's greatness level went up another notch. And as happy as fans are for Kaling and her little one, it's also pretty amusing to think about Kaling's infamous characters sharing in her joy. So, what would be some of Mindy Kaling's baby names inspired by The Office? She likely won't pick any of the ones below, but I would definitely love it if she did.

As most of her fans are aware, one of Kaling's greatest roles to date was when she played Kelly Kapoor in the American version of The Office (which she also helped write). Kaling's Kapoor was funny, sassy, and a true romantic. And while she can definitely name her little one whatever she chooses, it would be pretty fantastic if she decided to give a little nod to her old show. And in case she does want to pay tribute to The Office, here are the seven best baby names she could choose from, inspired by Scranton's one and only Kelly Kapoor:


Obviously, it would be awesome if Kaling chose to name her child after the infamous Kelly Kapoor. Not only was Kelly sassy, but she was also responsible for some of the best one-liners on the show, making any little baby named Kelly that much more awesome.


Ok, so, as The Office fans are well aware, Ryan wasn't exactly the nicest guy on the show. But, to be fair, he did have his passions, like making money and dating women. Obviously, not the best role model, per say, but it would still be a sweet shout out for Kaling to make to her on-screen (and off-screen) romance.


In case Kaling wanted a bit of an edgier name, Cupcake would be a pretty fantastic choice. Cupcakes (and sweets in general) are brought up pretty often on The Office, and Kaling's quote above is one of Kapoor's best.


In the final episode of The Office, Kapoor and Howard (BJ Novak) reunite at a wedding, and viewers learn that Howard has a baby named Drake, which Kaling's character loves. Obviously, Drake would be a great nod to the show, as well as an awesome name in general.


In the later seasons of The Office, Ellie Kemper enters as a new character, named Erin Hannon. Hannon and Kapoor hit it off and become great friends, which would make it super sweet if Kaling named her baby after her.

Dunder Or Mifflin

A more direct reference to The Office, would be if Kaling named her child after one of the fictional founders of the paper company featured in the series, Dunder Mifflin. Clearly, the names would be unique and one-of-a-kind, much like Kaling herself.

Literally Anyone From 'The Office'

Seriously, though, it would be awesome if Kaling decided to name her first child after any character from The Office. Whether it be Michael, Jim, Pam, Stanley, Dwight, Andy, Angela, Phyllis, Creed, Toby, Gabe, Kevin, Meredith, Derryl, Jan, Robert, Oscar, or Holly, Kaling's baby will be perfect just as they are.