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Please Enjoy Mindy Kaling Comparing Her 1-Year-Old Daughter To Tony Soprano

Parenting is full of surprises, and no one knows this better than the always relatable Mindy Kaling. While juggling writing, acting, and voiceovers, the 39-year-old mama is also busy learning the ropes of motherhood and sharing a few interesting revelations with her fans along the way. Most recently, Mindy Kaling compared her daughter to Tony Soprano — the iconic mob boss from HBO's The Sopranos — for the most hilarious and accurate reason.

Kaling, who is mom to 18-month-old Katherine, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about motherhood, the Met Gala, and her new movie Late Night. And, of course, when asked what life is like with little Katherine nowadays, Kaling didn't skip a beat.

"When she was 3 months old, it was easy. She was just a little blob," Kaling told DeGeneres. "Now she's a year and a half and I didn't know how much bribery there was in being a parent."

Yup... from the time they're born, babies totally have their parents wrapped around their little, adorable finger.

Kaling continued, "Every time I see her, it's like Tony Soprano. I go up to her and I'm like, ‘Hey, you have to give me the remote controller.'" Kaling then mimicked her daughter saying back to her, "'You have to give me your car keys...'"

"She's like in the mob," Kaling said. "And she can barely talk, so that's my life right now." LOL.

A persuasive 1-year-old and Tony Soprano... totally similar, right? If you're a parent to a toddler, then you know this struggle all to well. You can't take away one thing with out replacing it with another. The simple act of getting dressed can turn into a vicious game of give-and-take. 

Kaling's mobster comparison is hardly the first time the actress has opened up about parenting little Katherine. Last June, in fact, she posted a GIF from The Office on Twitter that every working mom can totally relate to. "That feeling when you come home from work and you’re sure the baby is already asleep but she’s awake and babbling and psyched to see you," she wrote on Twitter last year.

Being away from your baby for any length of time can be hard on a any new mom, and it's always nice to know celebs go through these same struggles.

What else has been somewhat difficult for Kaling? Keeping your toddler entertained. As Kaling recently told the HuffPost, "I tried to do that thing at the beginning where I only got her these, like, hipster wooden toys that are beautiful to the eye and don’t make your house look like it’s been overrun by children... And she hates them, so I’ve had to give them all away. She only likes primary color, loud, beeping toys that are impossible to turn off."

But, being a mom isn't the only thing going on in this fast-paced actor's life. Recently, Kaling wowed everyone at the Met Gala in a gold Moschino gown and platinum blonde wig and her new movie Late Night with Emma Thompson is already scoring great reviews, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

For Kaling, it's a little more than one year of parenting down and many more to go. Hopefully she continues to share her totally relatable parenting stories, even if it means more negotiation with her tiny mob boss.