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Mindy Kaling Rocked A Bikini While Promoting A Powerful Message

Now that summer is in full swing, it's officially swimsuit season! Which can be exciting when it comes to picking out cute bathing suits for the kids. But for many moms, the mere thought of squeezing themselves into revealing swimwear is enough to give them anxiety. And I totally get it. That post-baby pooch, those stretch marks, the thigh cellulite — plenty of us feel a bit self-conscious about these battle scars of motherhood. Well, Mindy Kaling rocked a bikini while promoting a powerful message. And it's seriously a must-read.

If you haven't kept up with the former Mindy Project star, she is the mom of a 1-year-old daughter. Kaling welcomed Katherine in December 2017, according to HuffPost. And she's not letting that — or her overall body type — get in the way of rocking a two-piece bathing suit this summer.

On Friday, July 5, Kaling took to Instagram to share an inspiring summertime PSA not just for moms, but for all women. "IDK who needs to hear this but…WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI," she wrote, according to E! Online. "You don’t have to be a size 0. Swipe for my storytime and have a great summer." The post included a two-photo image of the funny actress wearing high-waisted bikinis — as well as a video explaining her eye-opening experience in Hawaii.

“My very best friend in the world, Jocelyn, is from Hawaii, and I would go and visit her when I was in college, and what I was struck about Hawaii is that everybody wears bikinis,” she explained in the video, according to Us Weekly. “It does not matter what your body type is. You rock a bikini ‘cause you’re in Hawaii. And there’s so much body positivity there that I, who was always really shy about my body, would wear bikinis.” (Yass, girl!)

Let's just say Kaling's Instagram followers were totally there for it. "Yessssssssssss Mama!!!!" one person commented.

Model Tess Holliday declared, "Killin it!!!!!"

Yet another Instagram user wrote, "This makes me so happy! 😊Rock those bikinis girl! You are beautiful!"

Meanwhile, another person commented, "I have been feeling so bad about myself lately. I needed to hear this. Thank you. You are beautiful."

This isn't the first time Kaling has tackled the topic of body positivity. During a 2017 interview, she touched upon how she approaches loving her body, according to Refinery29. "Being called fat, being called not pretty, these are just weapons that men can use against women that we can't use against them," Kaling shared in an interview. "I am fairy impervious to when people say those things about me, because it's like, well, I was born this way and I can't really change that."

So let's get this straight: Not only is Mindy Kaling a super talented and successful actress, mom boss, writer, producer, etc. — but she's also a bad-*ss body acceptance hero? I, for one, am loving it.

After four kids, I've pretty much stuck to wearing one-piece bathing suits. But you know what? The next time I'm browsing swimwear, I'm definitely checking out the high-waisted bikinis. Thanks for the inspiration, Mindy!