Mindy Kaling's Mother's Day Message Is Touching &…

Happy Mother's Day! All around the United States, people are honoring and celebrating the women that brought them into this world. However, due to specific and unique circumstances for some people, Mother's Day can serve as a painful reminder of the absence of some individuals from their lives. Mindy Kaling, however has honored those people. Posted to her Instagram, Mindy Kaling's Mother's Day message is both a touching and important reminder to remember those people who might not be able to spend the day doing the traditional brunch and flowers.

While Mother's Day has been a holiday celebrated for decades, it can oftentimes be a touchy subject for some. Even though it is great to have a day to celebrate the maternal figures in our lives, the holiday can be difficult for those whose moms have passed on, those who happen to be estranged from their mom, or simply grew up without one. And then there are those with extenuating circumstances, like those who are still in school or living in different places from their mom, unable to celebrate with them.

Kaling addressed those in the latter categories on Sunday. In a touching Instagram post, the Mindy Project actress and Office alum wrote to those who missed their moms and those moms who miss their kids.

In a caption beneath an adorable Snoopy picture, Kaling wrote,

For those of us who miss our moms, or who miss your kids, Mother's Day can be really tough. To all of you in that boat, I send my fiercest hug and love. What was your mom like? What was your kid like? I wanna know! I'll respond throughout the day. My mom was the most hard-working doctor and glamorous person. She always dressed up, even when she had to leave in the middle of the night to deliver babies. When I saw her I felt so lucky. Also, she was hilarious.

Kaling lost her mom in 2012 on the same day that her TV show, The Mindy Project, got picked up by Fox. Kaling's mom was only 65 when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she spent the next eight months battling the disease before ultimately succumbing to it. Kaling has spoken of losing her mother in different interviews and always with a heartbreaking dose of nostalgia.

"One inadvertent thing I've learned from her passing is that anything bad could happen to me professionally, but it would not be worse than one sad weekend," Kaling said in a 2015 interview with InStyle. "The experience of losing my mom was just so much worse than anything that could happen to me workwise. I could lose all of my money, and I would be like, it's fine."

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Since Kaling posted the photo to her account, thousands of comments have poured in, with those writing about and remembering their moms. The sheer amount of love oozing from these comments is incredible.

It is important to remember that on a day like Mother's Day, rather than focusing on the absence of individuals, it is important to remember who they were at the time. Kaling has allowed her fans and anyone else out there in the world to have a place to share their memories on a day when those memories can be so vivid.