There Are Now *Mini* Fingerlings, & They Are Literally The Cutest

Fingerlings were the hottest toys of 2017, and if you’re a parent, you know just how popular they were. I spent the entire holiday shopping season trying to find one in stock, and when I was finally able to nab one, my daughter was dancing with joy. But if you think Fingerlings can’t get any more exciting than they already are, get ready, because the Fingerling family is set to wow the world once again with a tinier, cuter version. Mini Fingerlings are coming this spring, and your kids are going to want to collect them all.

Wowee, the company behind Fingerlings, recently announced the latest addition to their family of Fingerlings called Fingerling Minis. These tiny, collectible Fingerlings will come in an assortment of characters and colors, and because they are much smaller in size than the originals, they can be worn and played with in endless, imaginative ways. They aren’t robotic like the originals, but their size, price, and collectability make them just as fun to play with. Kids of all ages are going to go nuts over the versatility of these cuties, but just keep the manufacturer’s age recommendation of 5 years and older in mind when purchasing.

So when can you actually get your hands on one of these little guys? A Fingerling representative tells Romper that the new Fingerling Minis are set to launch at Walmart this May, and at all other retailers in June, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, check out the cool features Fingerling Minis have to offer.

You Can Collect Different Characters

Just like the regular sized Fingerlings, the new Fingerling Minis come in a variety of different characters. You can get the mini Monkey, mini Sloth, or the mini Unicorn, all in a range of bright and sparkly colors and finishes.

The mini Unicorn will be available in pink, lavender, and white. The mini Monkeys will be available in white, teal, light blue, sparkly pink, and purple. And for now it looks like the adorable mini Sloth will be available in a glittery purple.

Each One Is A Surprise

Each Fingerling Mini comes in a blind bag, so every time you get one, your kids will get a fun surprise. They are available in an array of characters and colors, and each is rated with its own collectible status — popular, rare, exotic, and ultra-rare. So depending on which ones they get, kids will be able collect and trade their Fingerling Minis with friends.

They Come With An Awesome Bonus Gift

When you do nab a Fingerling Mini, not only are you getting an adorable, surprise collectible, you also get a bonus gift. In each blind bag you purchase, you’ll get a Fingerling Mini along with a bonus mix and match bracelet and tail charm. Your kids can play, trade, or wear the bracelet, and add on or trade charms as they get them. They can even hang their Fingerling Minis on their bracelets, and mix and match as their collection grows.

There Are So Many Ways To Play With Them

Fingerling Minis are tiny and versatile, so with a little imagination, your kids can play with them in a variety of exciting ways. They can be used as pencil toppers, worn on a bracelet or necklace, they can hang off of each other, and you can even hang them on your original Fingerlings.

You Can Get One For Just $3

Your kids are going to want to collect every Fingerling Mini they can find, but luckily for you, they won’t break the bank. You can grab Fingerling Minis for just $3 each, making them a fun yet affordable toy for a parent who’s not in the mood to splurge.

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