A Minister Threatened To Sue NFL Over J. Lo & Shakira's Halftime Show — Yes, Really

It's no secret there were some, uh, differences in opinion following the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. Some viewed it as culturally beautiful and empowering to women. Others? Not so much. And apparently, a minister has threatened to sue the NFL over J. Lo and Shakira's halftime show, which was epic and amazing, btw.

An Ohio minister named Dave Daubenmire — the host of a web show called Pass the Salt Ministries' Coach Dave LIVEhas expressed his intention to sue the NFL because of the halftime show's revealing outfits and provocative dance moves. “I think we ought to go sit down in a courtroom and present this as evidence of how whoever is keeping me from getting into the kingdom of Heaven,” he said in a video posted on Monday, Feb. 3.

His reasoning? The NFL should be obligated to offer some sort of warning ahead of the halftime show. “I’m not here to tell the NFL what they can put on. I’m not here to tell anyone what they can watch,” Daubenmire said. “But they don’t have the right in the middle of a game to broadcast soft porn.”

Daubenmire also said he has already spoken with a lawyer — and he plans on moving forward with a lawsuit against the NFL, the New York Post reported. He now reportedly has his eyes set on a $867 trillion settlement. “I turned on the TV to watch football, not to watch a pole dance,” Daubenmire told The Daily Caller. “They penetrated the sanctity of my home.”

Interestingly, he took aim at J. Lo in particular, saying she was too old to wear such provocative clothing. “J-Lo is 50,” he said. “You go on a porn website, you’re not looking for 50-year-old women.”

Folks on Twitter have had a lot of thoughts about Daubenmire suggesting that he will sue the NFL. Plenty of people pointed out that he could have simply *gasp* changed the channel if he didn't approve of Shakira and J. Lo's performance.

"My remote gives me many options to change channels, mute sound, or even turn the whole thing off," one Twitter user wrote. "If he didn’t like what he saw and/or didn’t want his 12y/o son to see it, he should have exercised one of those options. Looking for his 15 min. IMO."

Another Twitter user wrote, "Dave Daubenmire Translation....'Get that Hispanic woman off my screen. I like my football girls to be white.'"

In another webcast posted on Thursday, Daubenmire shared that he has received backlash for his comments about threatening to sue the NFL — including d*ck pics and propositioning. “I’ve seen pictures of large penises and I appreciate it, but, no, I don’t want to receive any of them,” he said in the video. “The offers that you guys have to come by and put it where the sun don’t shine in my bun.”

And with that, I literally have no words.