Mom Bunmi Laditan Gets Real About Depression, & Her Words Are Important & Powerful


Bunmi Laditan is the person — and voice — behind The Honest Toddler, the best-selling book, blog, and social media empire. But Laditan is more than a writer, a mother, and a digital personality, Laditan is a woman: a woman struggling with mental illness. However, instead of being silent or ashamed of her disease, Laditan is speaking out. Earlier this week, Latidan got real about her anxiety and depression on Facebook, and her message was powerful.

Laditan began her post by addressing a common misconception, that there is a “face” of mental illness:

Laditan continued:

And I know these feelings — God, do I know these feelings — because I, too, have an invisible monster lurking beneath my bed and inside my head. I, too, struggle with depression, and, while I rarely envision terrible things happening to my daughter, I am tortured by graphic images of my own demise.

I often fantasize about my own death.

However, much like Laditan, I keep fighting because I have to. Because life with a mental illness can be a fight, but it is an important fight — and it is a fight those struggling with mental illness can win if they keep going. Laditan said:

Make no mistake, for most depression and anxiety are lifelong diagnoses; however, they aren't terminal diagnoses. Being diagnosed with a mental illness isn't a death sentence. With the proper treatment plan and a combination of therapy, medication(s) and/or alternative treatments, mental illness can be fought just like any other illness.

But, in the words of Laditan, "[d]on't give up, ok? Rest, punch a pillow, or cancel plans when you need to, but don't give up on yourself. You're worth fighting for."