Mom-owned businesses to support during coronavirus pandemic
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13 Mom-Owned Businesses To Support During The Coronavirus Pandemic

by Cat Bowen

Businesses all over the country are getting hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic, especially smaller operations. If you'e in a position to do so, here some mom-owned businesses to support during the coronavirus pandemic. By showing them some love, either by purchase, donation, or even words of encouragement, you're not only helping the owners themselves keep the source of their livelihood going, but also helping them employ all the hardworking people who help their business run.

The coronavirus has upended small businesses left and right, from restaurants that can't fill their tables to small merchants who no longer have the visibility provided by flea markets and trade shows. Events and appointments for services such as photography are being canceled. These small businesses count on local and regular customers that they currently aren't getting. A lot is riding on these next few weeks for their business's survival. If you have the opportunity and ability to help them, there is a lot you can do.

For services, it helps to buy a gift card. For others, maybe book a phone consultation, order one of their products, or even order delivery. It's all about helping out and doing what you can in these incredibly uncertain times. Social distancing is the best thing to do for our public and personal health during this time, but even at a distance you can help these mom-owned businesses stay afloat.


Hello Rainbow in Duluth, Georgia

The owner of this adorable toy store in Duluth, Georgia, is always adding new things to her online shop. Good news: she ships! If you're local, she'll also make deliveries.


The Good Fork in Brooklyn, New York

Owner and chef Sohui Kim is one of the best chefs in Brooklyn. Her restaurant, The Good Fork is a perennial favorite, and right now they are working on family meal delivery and expanding their frozen dumpling availability. (Fingers crossed because I'm salivating just thinking about it.) Their sister restaurant, Insa (Korean food), is also working on an abbreviated pickup menu.


Andra Hall Living & Cami's Cake

Mom and chef Andra Hall has multiple bakeries under her belt, and you should unbuckle yours if you live near Atlanta. These magical creations are also available to order via her website or even Grubhub. (Peach cobbler cupcakes, y'all.)


Kari Bedford Photography

Gifted photographer Kari Bedford shoots photos out of Springfield, Illinois, and offers gift cards via her website. And she does boudoir sessions, so consider any upcoming anniversaries or birthdays for a special someone.


Naturally Curious Kids

Owned by mother-daughter team Linda and Jerilyn, this Westerville, Ohio, toy shop has the best selection and is offering free local delivery right now (though their regular delivery prices are great). Also, on a sweet note, their Instagram shows them giving toilet paper with wrapped gifts.


Jen Hearts Art

Mural and makeup artist Jennifer, owner of Jen Hearts Art in Austin, Texas, also makes super cool jewelry that you will want. (Hello, a Leia necklace? Obviously.)


Clutter Gallery

Do you love indie art? The Clutter Gallery is for you. Owned by mom Miranda O'Brian, this Beacon, New York, gallery ships the most boss of art all over the country. If you like nerd culture or art even a little, you must check it out. (They also have super cool apparel.)


Destinee Creates Stuff

Artist and Atlanta mom Destinee has recently started her online shop, and her stuff is pretty perfect. These greeting cards in particular are available, absolutely hilarious, and perfect for the moment. Consider sending one to a friend who's also quarantined.


Jackalope Brewery

Owned in part by Bailey Spaulding, this Nashville, Tennessee, brewery has goods available online, and their beer is in stores. When I was in Nashville a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to partake in a few of their IPAs, and they were bitter heaven.


Replenish Spa

A stunning spa and yoga studio in Columbus, Ohio, owned by another mother-daughtr team, this place is a true gem. And you can buy gift cards online right now, as founder Deja Cierston noted in an Instagram video.


Renegade Mama Cards

The Renegade Mama makes affirmation card decks for women, pregnancy, postpartum, kids, and parenting. The three moms who run Renegade Mama are trying to negotiate cost and shipping to make their products more affordable to all right now.


For The Knitters

Owned by husband-and-wife team Esther and David Betten, Argyle Yarn Shop in Brooklyn sells quality, artisanal yarn that is unlike what you'd get from a big box store but not always as pricey as individual retailers. I have friends who live for this place, and they're taking a hit. Luckily, they ship.

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If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support. You can find all of Romper’s parents + coronavirus coverage here, and Bustle’s constantly updated, general “what to know about coronavirus” here.