Mom Parodies Meghan Trainor's 'No' To Talk About Unruly Toddlers, & It's Epic — VIDEO

Anyone who's ever parented a toddler knows the one word that inevitably gets used more frequently than any other is "no." One Gilbert, Arizona, mom, Tara Brough, had the Meghan Trainor song "No" stuck in her head one day, and she realized how much those lyrics actually applied to a tired mom trying to keep her toddlers — Porter, 4, and Piper, 2 — from injuring themselves. So mom made a parody of Meghan Trainor's "No" to inject a little humor into the humorless job of trying to negotiate with the cutest terrorists among us — toddlers.

Brough told TODAY:

I definitely use humor to handle the crazy mom life. I'm the kind of person to try and find the funny in situations and I try to help my children see the bright side of things as well. Honestly, I hate having to say 'no' all the time, like most parents probably. But since my kids are still really young, I'm trying to be 'unbudgeable' you could say, so that they can know I mean business the first time I say no and the issue can stop there. But I don't always stick to my guns. They're just so cute.

They are super cute and so is their mom's parody video. Take a look. And full disclosure: you will have that Meghan Trainor song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

It's hard to always have to be the bad guy who says "no" all the time, even if parents are just trying to shut down some of the more typical toddler behavior Brough points out in her hilarious video, like pouring cereal in the dog bowl or discovering a sudden uncontrollable attraction to power tools and random hair cutting.

"My answer is 'no' ... you need to let it go," she raps in the intro. Then Brough really gets going. "Climbing up the walls, hittin' me with balls, blaming all the mess on your sister."

She goes on to explain some of her kids' more objectionable toddler behavior and then tells the rest of other parents just what they need to do. "All my mommies listen up. If that kid won't give it up, purse your lips, hands on your hips and all you gotta say is ... my answer is no, my answer is no... Boy you need to let it go."

And it proves one thing for certain: all parents can be fun underneath all the "No." But, when it comes to pushing a younger sister down the stairs for a ride in the laundry basket, color parents "unbudgeable" just like Brough.

But my very favorite part of the spoof comes at the end. Mom has been fighting the "no" fight through the whole video when Porter tells the kids' dad that he wants a cookie. His response? "Yeah, sure." Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sing a few bars of "no, no, no" myself. I think I hear cereal being poured into the dog bowl.