This Mom's Diaper Bag Hack Is Genius

It starts with your car keys and your cell phone — those routinely get lost in the black hole of every woman’s purse. Many a manicure have been ruined and countless bobby pins have been lost in the clutter. But, then you have a baby and that black hole gets whole a lot deeper and whole a lot messier when it turns into a diaper bag that’s filled with baby wipes, pacifiers, toys, and whatever else gets tossed in their on your way out the door. It’s a struggle every parent can relate to, especially when that bag is needed to change an impromptu poopy diaper. Well, changing your baby is about to get much easier because this mom’s diaper bag hack is absolutely genius.

New mom Liz Burchiel, also known as The Painted Dragon on social media for her beautiful murals and face paintings, posted her creative DIY project on Facebook earlier this month and parents across the internet can’t stop talking about how it’s changing their lives. How exactly? She figured out a way to convert an empty wipe container into a mini diaper changing kit that fits perfectly in your bag.

Here’s what you’ll need: One empty box of baby wipes, a thin elastic headband with rubber grips for extra support, and some floss to tie it all in place. By using these three materials, she discovered a hack that attaches a pack of wipes to the top of the dispenser box. With the wipes snuggly at the top, the box is left with a lot of empty space to pack things like backup baby outfits, extra diapers, a changing mat, or some plastic bags for the dirty nappies or onesies (because the struggle is real).

After her post went viral — it's been shared over 109,000 times and has received more than 17,000 reactions on Facebook so far — Burchiel, mom of 3-month-old daughter Lilly, wrote a detailed post of instructions on Facebook:

Poked eight strategically placed holes, strung them with embroidery floss, and tied the headband to the inside. Then dotted the knots with super glue so they would hold for longer. Then if the rubber band breaks or gets too old, it can be easily replaced with a new one. I also put a roll of doggie bags in there for disposal and keeping the soiled clothes in.

Imagine the possibilities this hack has provided countless parents? If you don't feel like lugging an entire bag to the restaurant bathroom, for example, grab the kit and go. If you're forgetful (or like to be extra prepared), you can also stash these little packed boxes wherever you please. And all you need are three simple things that are probably lying around your house already.

So, dear Painted Dragon, thank you. You've just changed the poopy diaper game forever.

Check out the full tutorial over on Burchiel's Facebook page.