Mom's Letter To Infertility Knows The Struggle

"Dear Infertility, I hated you," Desiree Fortin begins. "You told me that my body wasn’t good enough. You may have been a huge part of my story, but you never defined me." This mom's letter to infertility gets real about how the struggle to get pregnant ultimately transformed her in ways she couldn't before imagine. Though the endeavor was riddled with upset, it was all worth it in the end: "On this day, two years ago," Fortin writes, "I kicked your a--."

A-- kicking aside, Fortin's journey, as shared on her "Our Journey to Parenthood" blog, was full of lows. "It wasn’t just that I couldn’t get pregnant," Frotin shares, addressing "Infertility" as if it were a person: "Because of you I laid on my bathroom floor in complete emptiness after countless negative pregnancy tests time and time again. I had to endure shots, bruises, and all kinds of meds because when you are infertile and you seek fertility treatment for help, that is what you are in for." She recalls "disappointment," "agony," and jealousy, but still managed to keep pushing ahead, determined to get what she knew she wanted.

"As much as I hated you, Infertility," Fortin admits, "I am also so thankful that you were my story. You made me strong." Physically and emotionally, Fortin found bravery and courage amid all the uncertainty, crediting her faith in God for helping her through it.

And now, in the happiest ending possible, Fortin and her husband are parents to three sweet 2-year-olds named Charlize, Sawyer, and Jax. "This love that I get to experience with them is absolutely undeniable," she writes, and if her struggle was never a factor, the family wouldn't be the strong, hopeful crew that they are now:

If it wasn’t for you-for the extreme heartache you caused me, the lies you told me, the grief you brought my heart over and over again- not only would I not be a Mom to my darling hope triplets, but I can now truly grasp on to how powerful and remarkable it means to have hope in Jesus Christ.

Fortin's Facebook page, The Fortin Trio, gives more insight into the young family of five, and all their fun goings-on. Fortin's Instagram, I should mention, is also replete with adorable family photos and inspirational messages about her story. In talking about her journey and now-viral letter, Fortin shared with Romper:

It is amazing to give a voice to infertility and reach the hearts of so many. I never imagined in my deepest heartache of my infertility struggles that our story would be heard and inspire others.

Infertility was merely an obstacle that Fortin was determined to overcome, and in the end she not only had a family to show for it, but newfound strength as well. Her experience helped shape her and, though it took time, Fortin knows she's better for it.