Moms Parody Rihanna’s 'This Is What You Came For,' & They Nail Getting Ignored As A Mom

So you've just carried around a baby for nine months, gone through a taxing labor, and stayed up for nights on end with your crying tot. You'd think that when your friends come over, you could finally spend some time with fellow adults, right? Maybe watch some reruns of The Bachelor, drink a beer? But alas, as soon as your friends are through the door, all they want to do is cuddle your toddler, read that same damned picture book out loud again, and take selfies with your tot. The moms parodying "This Is What You Came For" by Rihanna totally get it, though. And they've made moms around the world a sing-along release.

The women behind the Just Boobs Sketch comedy team knew that this would be their next parody after hearing the very first line of Rihanna and Calvin Harris' newest collaboration. "Elizabeth and I are new moms and we have definitely noticed a change in how our friends and family relate to us," comedian Stephanie Carrie told POPSUGAR on Friday. "It's such a beautiful change but sometimes it's hard too."

In other words, the ladies know exactly how it feels to be ignored in favor of your young, adorable child. In Carrie's words:

As a sketch team grappling with this exact change, we wanted to make something that shed light on this awkward, annoying, funny, beautiful transformation of identity.

In case you're wondering, they definitely succeeded.

"Baby, he is who you came for," the girls sing in the parody. "My friends, stop every time he coos. No one said hello to me... 'Cause my son is under 2, captivating you, this is not a zoo, all he does is poo, wanted to review The Bachelor with you, with you."

Each comedian runs through her own portion of the song with a different story: one mom is ignored by her friends, another is ignored by her own mother; a third mom is ignored by her husband, while the last realizes it doesn't matter, because she's entirely captivated by her baby, as well ("But baby, you are who I live for... your smile makes up for being ignored"). It's hilarious, honest, and surprisingly catchy.

If you love their take on Rihanna, they have plenty more where that came from — JustBoobs Sketch have a video on Googling while pregnant (pro tip: don't do it), another one on guys getting pregnant, and an awesome motherhood parody of "Work From Home." Good luck ever singing the correct lyrics to Rihanna or Fifth Harmony's songs ever again.