Moms Reveal The Worst Knot Or Tangle They’ve Ever Seen


When it comes to seriously knotted hair, I've been around the block a few times. My fine blonde mane has been home to plenty of bad knots and tangles that have involved tears, scissors, and sadness. When I was a teenager and being fashion forward was my main priority, I got a round brush so snarled on the side of my head during a "makeover" that my friend’s mom had to take me to her hairdresser to get it cut out — emergency surgery style. I thought I learned a lesson that day and that I'd never see another tangle that size in my lifetime. Right? Wrong. On my wedding day, I went with a high tease up-do, and found myself face to face with such a snarl that I could have charged rent to birds who were in search of a new home.

But when I became a mom to two boys, I breathed a sigh of relief. I figured I was free of the war on tangles forever. That is, until my 9-month-old’s comb over met his peanut butter pita bread lunch, and a vicious (but fragrant) knot ensued.

Romper has partnered with Wet Brush to bring you some stories about the worst tangles ever, and to remind us all that when tangles happen, Wet Brush has our back. Their brushes are made with IntelliFlex™ bristles, which glide through the toughest of tangles without requiring any pulling or tugging. Regardless of whether the hair is wet or dry, thick or fine, straight or curly, Wet Brush knows our struggles and is here to make them a thing of the past.

The One With The Mixer

Monkey Business / fotolia

“I was making a cake, and my 8-year-old was sitting on the counter to help. I started the hand mixer and she leaned into the thing we knew, the beater was caught in her hair. What a mess! We unplugged the mixer and carefully freed her, strand by strand. The following day, she got a haircut.” -Terry B.

The One With The Fan

Katii Bishop / pexels

Hannah was about 6, and she was playing with one of those battery fans that's also a spray bottle. She got a section of hair tangled around the fan blades. We tried so hard to get it free — but finally gave up and cut it out. Basically, it made a dread lock.” -Ali G.

The One With The Ponytail

Pezibear / pixabay

“My daughter used to wear her hair in a pony tail every day. She would pull it tighter and tighter, which made the rubber band scrunch and knot her hair. This knot just kept getting bigger. Someone told me that you could detangle hair with peanut butter, so I began slowly working on this mass of tangled hair. She smelled like peanut butter. I smelled like peanut butter. The knot loosened and I slowly made headway, but it was too tenacious. I called my hairdresser, and after one look at this mess on the back of her head, she ended up with a longer version of a pixie cut!” -Pat T.

The One With The Candy

Azat Khayrutdinov / fotolia

“When Grayson was two he once got a hard candy stuck in his hair while trying to sneak it to bed. He was pretty upset that it was stuck in his hair and he couldn't eat it! We somehow got sidetracked and forgot about it. We discovered it the next morning, still knotted in his hair!” -Heidi B.

The One With The Crown

Robert de Bock / pexels

“When my son was a few months old, he was hanging out in his baby seat. When I had turned around, my girls, ages 3 and 5 had made him a crown of clay and stuck it to his head. Don’t ask. This stuff was like cement. First haircut for him.” -Tami K.

The One With The Beetle / fotolia

“A big giant beetle flew right into my 5-year-old’s long blonde hair! It got stuck and she was NOT happy about it! We worked on the knot for an hour after it flew out. She didn’t care how long the tangle took as long as that bug was no where in sight!” -Ellie M.

Images: fotolia (3), Pexels (2), Pixabay

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