Most Popular 2016 Baby Names In The UK Reveals Some Winners We Should Steal For Ourselves

by Zoe Balaconis

Gone are the days of having three Sarahs, two Jessicas, and four Megans on one block. Names come and go in waves of popularity, and some, like high-waisted pants and platform shoes, are making a big comeback. Forget the presidential election — UK pundits recently released their predictions for the most popular baby names of 2016, and the list reveals some winners we should steal for ourselves. 

The list, created by BabyCentre, seems to be easily separated into a few different categories:

Inspired By Pop Culture

Specifically HBO. The list proves just how much TV can get into our heads. Marni (a character in Lena Dunham’s Girls) and Khaleesi (of Game of Thrones, of course) are both in the top 30. The name Atticus is on the boy’s list, presumably inspired by Scout’s stoic father in Harper Lee’s 2015 release, Go Set A Watchman

Inspired By Your Great-Grandmother

There are a handful of other older, formerly unfashionable names back on the scene, too. Dottie, Effie, Beryl, Delphine, and, my personal favorite, Hetty, all have a certain grandmotherly charm. The throwback names for boys include Lucian, Herbert, Percy, Otto, and Nelson. Oh, and (how could I miss this) Huxley, perhaps after our favorite dystopian alarmist

Inspired By Wanderlust

There are quite a few place names on the list as well, like London (for a girl), Boston, and Cairo (for boys). Though place names can lead to some confusing situations (“I’m going to see London”), they’re usually very memorable, and can be especially lovely if the location has some sort of significance to the family. 

Inspired By... Well, Just Inspired

Some of the less traditional names coming on the scene are Ziggy, Farrel, Halo, Pixie, Queenie, Cleo, and, probably after the beloved witch, Luna.

It seems the parents of 2016 will choose both brand-new names and old favorites. From Kit (for a boy), to Astrid (for a girl), there’s a good mix of the historical, the whimsical, the serious, and the weird, which is what we’re all about.

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