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This Genius Cushion Monitors Your Baby’s Breathing & Sleeping Patterns

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Adjusting to life with an infant is a wild experience, and no two families have identical experiences. However, ask new parents how they're feeling, and you'll frequently hear one word: anxious. Being solely responsible for the well-being of a tiny human can be overwhelming, and it's normal to worry. Luckily, new technology is here to (hopefully) alleviate your concerns. Debuted recently at CES 2019, Motorola's new baby cushion monitors your baby's heart rate and breathing so you can have some peace of mind. After all, anxiety and sleep-deprivation are a killer combination.

Binatone's new Motorola Comfort Cloud makes laying your little one down to sleep feel like putting your child in the safest hands possible. Constructed with soft and breathable fabric, the smart cushion "includes a sleep sensor-strip that monitors sleeping patterns based on several factors including heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycles, body movement and sleep time," states Motorola.

The Comfort Cloud provides all this data through the Hubble Smart Nursery app, available to download for free wherever you get your apps. Once paired to the app, you'll be able to view all of your baby's sleep patterns and cycles, total sleep times, health stats, and so on. Unlike the majority of other monitors that provide similar feedback, the Comfort Cloud doesn't require attaching anything to your child. Considering how hard it is to keep socks on your baby, skipping the physical sensors and other wearable technology makes things much easier. Additionally, you'll have access to the Aurora sleep services from Hubble, which include things like white noise, stories, and lullabies.

Courtesy of Motorola

Best of all, you can choose to receive alerts when anything seems "off." No more getting up in the middle of the night to double check that everything is OK; when the Cloud Cushion notices a change in respiration or heart rate, they'll notify you. You can sleep easy — that is, if you're actually able to "sleep while the baby sleeps" — knowing that they're being monitored at all times.

The Motorola Comfort Cloud's covers are all washable, and there is a variety of different patterns to choose from. The sensor strip charges easily through a Micro-USB. Motorola states that the sensor strip can go up to 20 days between charges, while CNET claims the device holds a charge for eight days. Regardless, the Comfort Cloud can be expected to hold a charge for over a week, and that's a lot better than we can say for our iPhones.

Courtesy of Motorola

This smart cushion is coming to retail in 2019, and is expected to sell for $199. As any expecting or new parent knows, there are a million and one options when it comes to baby sleepers, monitors, and accessories. However, I'm a firm believer that the best options are the ones that provide comfort for both baby and parents. The Motorola Comfort Cloud, with its ability to provide insight into your baby's health stats and sleeping patterns, provides just that.

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