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Motorola Has Some New High-Tech Nursery Products For Parents To Geek Out Over

Technology has significantly changed the ways of parenting. Getting up to check if your newborn is breathing? There's an app for that. Blurry, pixelated baby monitor images — they've been replaced by crystal clear views of your little one that leave nothing to the imagination. And Motorola's new nursery products, which debuted at CES, are some of the latest and greatest examples of high-tech gadgets that can help parents and babies alike rest easily.

Let's be honest — life as a new parents is hard. There are endless tasks to stay on top of, anxieties to combat, and adjustments to make. Fortunately, technology has evolved to simplify many of these products and ease parents' minds. From the baby heart rate monitors that alert you of SIDS risk to cry decoders that supposedly translate your baby's endless wailing into their actual needs or wants (i.e. baby is hungry; baby is bored), high-tech baby gadgets seem to have a place in every home. Familiar names like WebMD and Motorola have turned their attention to the littlest consumers, offering parents a variety of goodies that past generations of parents could never have even dreamed of.

Motorola's new home and nursery monitoring products come equipped with features such as Alexa capabilities, facial recognition, smart zoning and even sleep analysis, according to a press release. With a goal in mind of helping parents, Binatone's development of new baby products from Motorola seeks to meet the needs of parents in the digital age.

Let's take a look at a few of the newest products from Motorola that you just may want to snag for your own nursery.

The Motorola Halo

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The Motorola Halo is a baby monitor that attaches directly to your child's crib offering what the company describes as an unparalleled "parent’s eye view" of your baby. Halo comes equipped with a 1080p camera, IR night vision to 10m, and with two-way audio activated by motion and audio sensors. Parents can view their monitor's video feed through a home-viewer or, if they so choose, through their own smartphone with the Hubble-for-Baby app.

Along with high definition camera, the Halo crib mount offers "ambient soft glow light settings," as well as "a night sky ‘virtual mobile’ to project sky scenes onto the nursery ceiling."

Available now online at BuyBuyBaby & Bed Bath and Beyond for $299.99 – other national retailers and e-tailers coming soon.

The Comfort Cloud

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The Motorola Comfort Cloud is a portable sleeping cushion made of a soft and breathable fabric. It features a sleep sensor-strip that monitors sleeping patterns through heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycles, body movement, and sleep time. When paired to the Hubble Smart Nursery app, the Comfort Cloud can provide parents with a full summary of their child's sleep patterns. Help your little one rest easy with the the Aurora sleep services from Hubble which include lullabies, white noise, stories, video summaries and safe zoning.

Coming to retail in 2019.

The Hubble IoT Platform — All Of The Information You Need In One Place

Courtesy of Motorola

For 2019, the Hubble IoT platform is offering some exciting new services. Designed to pair with the Halo and the Comfort Cloud, the Hubble-for-Baby app empowers parents to track and monitor their child's development. Specifically, Motorola is looking to help parents do more than just record their baby's sleep. Through the app, parents have access to a baby tracking diary, expert sleep advice, in-depth sleep analytics, and smart zoning. I don't know about you, but I could certainly use some sleep expertise for my baby! Each of these helpful features can be accessed from any connected Motorola baby monitor.

Find it in your App Store or Google Play Store.

While high-tech parenting may not be for everyone, these products and services can help make life a lot easier for the modern parent.

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