Mr. Bagel The Chinchilla Is Here To Make All Your Fluffiest Dreams Come True

Gwyneth Paltrow's committed to GMO-labeling, the Jolie-Pitts aim to alleviate poverty, and now another famous name is committed to a cause. An anti-fur activist, Mr. Bagel the chinchilla, is here to make all your wildest, fluffiest dreams come true. With 111k followers, this soft little guy would like you to know that he's against you using his (and his friends') fur for to make coats of your own. He's using his platform to spread this message, all the while showcasing his favorite activities: grocery shopping, napping, and posing for adorable headshots.

Mr. Bagel the chinchilla (@chinnybuddy) is a 7-year-old white mosaic chinchilla, as reflected by his cotton-colored coat. This is one of the most common types of chinchilla coats for mosaics, though in the images below you'll likely agree that there's nothing common about a coat this lovely looking. White chinchillas also have either black or ruby eyes, and Mr. Bagel has the former.

Hailing from the Bay Area, Mr. Bagel lives with his owner, Steve Byun who has asserted that, unlike famous Instagram dogs that come a dime a dozen, Mr. Bagel is "the most popular chinchilla on social media" due to his niche market. Think about it: How many other chinchillas would you follow? Mr. Bagel is definitely one of a kind. The images below give a taste of what life is like for the little guy.

He Has Excellent Taste In Headwear

See? Excellent.

You'll Often Find Him Sipping Tea

Mr. Bagel's Favorite Grocery? Dried Rose Hips

Midday Naps? Major Key

Mr. Bagel #InTheAir!

Awe, The Tiniest Of Hands

By this point, I know exactly what you're wondering: What are Mr. Bagel's politics? Who will he vote for in November's general election? After the California primaries, Mr. Bagel posted a "Make America Cute Again" pic, but he hasn't reveal which lucky candidate earned his vote. He's very patriotic, though. On Memorial Day he posted a photo collage wielding an American flag, saying that he "pays respect to the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces." He also wished all his followers a Happy Fourth of July, replete with a gratuitous tail-shot.

If you would like to support Mr. Bagel's anti-fur cause, you can buy shirts through In neutral shades as well as a bright red and a dark plum, you can outfit yourself in a sketch of Mr. Bagel himself. Twenty percent of his profits from the "SAY NO TO FUR" tees go to animal charities. Now THAT'S adorable.