OMG Your Baby *Needs* This Ridiculously Cute Inflatable Swan Tub & It's Only $12

Your little babe has gotten too big for the kitchen sink, but the bath tub just seems so... big. They're far too tiny to go straight into that swimming pool-sized tub! Finding a transition bathtub for your little one is key, and this version from Munchkin is as practical as it is adorable. This inflatable swan tub keeps babies safe during bath time with several special features, and, obviously, it's just really freaking adorable.

The blowup tub is ideal for babies who are already sitting upright, anywhere from six to 24 months. Simply inflate it by mouth (or take a tip from several Amazon reviewers and save time with an air compressor) and pop it in the tub. And a huge bonus? If your baby isn't a huge fan of bath time, seeing a big inflated animal certainly may help your case.

One of the best parts about Munchkin's inflatable tub is its "white hot" technology, which, according to the product description, "tells you when the water is too hot for baby's sensitive skin (approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit and up)." When the water is below 104 degrees, a blue heart is displayed on the bottom of the tub. When it raises above that point, the sensor reads "HOT." Personally, I prefer my showers scalding, to the point that my husband yelps when he sticks his hand in. ("How are you not in pain?") For anyone else who's seemingly lost all reference for what constitutes appropriate water temperature, this feature is incredibly helpful.

Additionally, the swan features a contoured head rest, a non-slip surface, and padded, cushy sides to make sure there are no bath time bruises. If you've ever joked about wrapping your accident-prone toddler in bubble wrap, this bathtub is a pretty good compromise.

Cleaning up after bath time is just as stress-free. There's a convenient drain on the bottom of the tub, so don't worry about lifting and dumping. Once the water has drained, use the suction cup on the back by the tail to hang it from the wall and let it air dry. They really did think of everything, didn't they?

Even if you already own a baby bathtub you own, this one can't really be beat in terms of portability and convenience. If you're heading for a trip or dropping the baby off at the grandparents, simply deflate the tub, fold it up, and you're good to go. Don't bother lugging around a bulky, plastic thing. Fully inflated, the bath tub measures 27 inches by 24.5 inches.

If you're not a fan of swans (is that a thing people have opinions on?), don't worry. This bath tub also comes in a duck version, with all the same great features. The swan is $11.99 on Amazon, while the duck is a whopping four cents cheaper for $11.95. If you're really feelin' adventurous, Munchkin offers a "tub and bath ducky set" that comes with the duck tub and bath ducky, which also features the "white hot" safety disc technology.

Transitioning your baby out of the kitchen sink may be a bittersweet rite of passage, but with these inflatable transition tubs, bath time will still be every bit as precious.

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