Um, This *Waterproof* Bluetooth Speaker Is Going To Fix All Your Bath Time Struggles

by Cat Bowen

My children love listening to music and audiobooks while they're taking a shower. Unfortunately, the speakers don't love it as much as my kids. They have a tendency to short-out when splashed or dunked, it's weird. Anyway, thanks to My Audio Pet, there is finally a waterproof speaker — My Audio Pet Splash! — made just for kids. Bonus: it won't die after a few showers.

Bluetooth speakers are great, but they are finicky. Precious, even. They begin to garble and their quality diminishes greatly when exposed to water or humidity. While most adults can control their splashing about, kids are not so fortunate. But that doesn't mean that bath times and trips to the beach have to be affairs free of music. These Splash! bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet are not only waterproof and loud enough to be heard over the running water, they are also adorable — Romper saw these in person at January's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and they are really fun-looking! Made to look like sea animals, kids can rock out to their choice of narwhals, polar bears, sharks, or penguins. Bath time can be a chore, but music and audiobooks are the perfect distraction for little ones who don't love the necessary chore.

Regularly priced at $50, they're not the cheapest mini bluetooth on the market, but the fact that they're waterproof already puts them head and shoulders above other pricier speakers if you're looking to buy one for your kid. According to their website, these speakers can be underwater for up to 30 minutes and still maintain function. While reviewers have noted their volume is great, if you're still looking for more punch, two speakers can be paired together for a more robust sound. This function makes sense for trips to the beach or poolside partying.

On top of being stupidly cute and waterproof, these bad boys have serious staying power. Fully charged, these speakers supposedly can play for six to eight hours before dying. That's bananas. My (much more expensive and temperamental) bluetooth speaker can play half that long on a good day before it goes all soft and then inevitably silent.

There is also an app called Hide and Speak that My Audio Pet has designed to pair with your phone. It lets you hide the pet and send off sounds to clue your kids in to find the speaker. Will I hide mine in some place that takes two hours for my kids to find so that I might straighten my hair in peace and have a cup of tea? Yes. Yes, I will. All I have to do is hide it under the pile of clothing in their bedroom that I've been begging them to clean up for a week. They may never recover their narwhal, and my daughter might never get to hear Lewis Capaldi on repeat for two hours ever again. (Because I have informed Alexa that if she ever plays it again, I will find her robot butt, and go full Terminator on her. I've heard it a lot.)

A waterproof speaker made just for kids has been a long time coming, and to be fair, I'll probably steal it from time to time. It is paired with my phone.