Here's What Else You Need To Baby Proof Now That Your Kid Is Full-On Running

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times — it was the moment when my first-born used their newfound mobility to start booking it into every previously unreachable corner of our home. Gone are the days of sticking my little guy in one safe spot and resting assured that he’ll stay there. Even knowing full well that babies are meant to crawl, walk, and run someday, in my experience "someday" always comes a lot faster than you expect — and chances are, you're not completely ready.

You were so eager for them to get started on this journey into mobility, but not entirely sure you knew what you were wishing for. Of course you're proud of this developmental milestone! But who knew that days after they got their feet under them, they'd be marathon training in your living room?

Rest assured, mama bear — this sudden fear is completely normal, and fortunately there are simple steps you can take to ensure their safety (and your peace of mind) remain intact. To help ease this transition, Romper partnered with Pampers Cruisers to outline a few places you'll want to pay some extra attention to now that your little one is full-on running through your home:

First, Give Your Living Room A Second Pass

And by "living room," I mean the room where your little marathoner spends the most hangout time. It can also be one of the spots with the most safety hazards that little ones find tempting, so it's a great space to start with when it comes to baby proofing. Secure stairways with baby gates to keep stairs off-limits, and make sure TVs are properly mounted. Add foam corner protectors to coffee tables and end tables, and be sure to add covers to any electrical outlet not in use. If you have a fireplace or a hearth, block off access to it with a baby gate, ottoman, or something else your little one won't be able to move out of the way.

Then Focus Your Attention On The Nursery

The nursery is a sweet space that's specifically designed for baby, but some modifications are required once they're on the move. Add a window guard to prevent falls and accidents, and bolt down bookcases and other heavy furniture to keep them from toppling over. Dangling blind cords and chains can look like lots of fun to little ones, so use blind cord wraps to stow them out of harm's way. Your wiggle worm will also require next-level protection themselves, so up your diaper game with Pampers Cruisers. They're not only ultra-comfortable and super absorbent, but they're designed to adapt to your baby's waist, legs, and bottom to keep up with all of that new-walker activity.

Batten Down The Bathroom

The bathroom is a smaller space than some of the others on this list, but it's full of tantalizing experiences nonetheless. Invest in a lock for the toilet lid and a rubber spout cover for the cold, hard tub spout. Add a non-slip mat to the base of the tub, and sit your little one in a stationary baby seat to keep them from swimming about. Cabinet locks should be installed, and keep your bathroom trash can inside a locked cabinet, because as I learned, one mom's trash is another toddler's treasure.

And Do A Careful Sweep Of The Kitchen

It's not always possible to keep your child out of the kitchen, so it's best to take baby proofing measures for this hotbed of hazards. Invest in a playpen or gated area for your little one to safely explore. Add child-safety locks to cabinets, especially to restrict their access to cleaning products and detergents. Add plastic knob covers to stoves and latches on the oven and fridge. Finally, make sure your dishwasher stays locked, and of course keep the trash can out of reach.

This post is sponsored by Pampers Cruisers.