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These Are The Men I Think Will Get Hometowns On 'The Bachelorette' This Season

Now that you're in the thick of The Bachelorette, it's time to think about who Hannah will choose in the end. With so many great guys, I'm not sure how she'll narrow it down to just one. They all have something special about them and all deserve to be winners in someone's heart. As sappy as that sounds, I do have my favorites who I think deserve it most (because it's my journey, too, Hannah). My Bachelorette final four predictions may not be the same as yours, but I'm confident they're pretty close to what's to come.

Let me preface by saying, in the beginning, I thought Luke P. was the strongest contender. After what's been happening over the last couple episodes, I retract that guess. Although, that doesn't mean Hannah will send him home. She might see enough redeemable qualities to keep him around through hometown visits. And, while I have my own personal favs — that have nothing to do with who's right for Hannah — my top four predictions are based on a very strategic formula: how much chemistry each contestant has with "Hannah Beast," and how likely they can make it through the long haul. And seeing as Jimmy Kimmel has accurately predicted 11 of the last 14 seasons, it's good to know we're somewhat on the same page. Extra points for being downright adorable. To be clear, these are *not* spoilers, because I don't do that here. The lucky four are only my personal predictions.


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As one of two pilots who were part of the core 30 men, Peter was the only one who came in full uniform. Yep — caught my eye, for sure, and I know Hannah felt the same. As a man who comes from a close-knit family, Peter is sweet, sincere, and have you seen the way he looks at Hannah? Come. On. Plus, the Westlake Village, Californian can fly her anywhere her heart desires.


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As the resident singer/songwriter, Jed and Hannah have the strongest emotional and spiritual connection, IMO. I wasn't sure if he was there for the right reasons at first — because of the constant references to his career as a musician — but watching them together has changed my mind. Jed is a fellow southerner from Nashville who, I think, will be the last man standing.

Tyler C.

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Tyler C. is more than a pretty boy. But, seriously. Sure, his hometown is way down in Jupiter, Florida, but there is *so* much more that meets the eye with this one. The man loves to dance, he has an MBA, a rescue dog named Harley, and was once drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Layers upon layers of personality are buried under that beaming smile. As for he and "Alabama Hannah," they make a pretty sweet couple.

Connor S.

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Even though I think Jed will make the final cut, Connor S. is a close second. He's already proven the kind of partner he'd be by taking care of Hannah after her brief stint in the hospital. Connor seems like the one who'd grow old with her, listen to her, and comfort her. The investment analyst from Dallas, Texas loves to travel and puts his family first. His only downfall is his incessant love of Justin Bieber. I'm sure Hannah can look past that long enough to meet his parents.

There you have it, folks. My final four predictions aren't all that controversial. I think most would agree these are the men most likely to win Hannah's heart. But the beauty of the franchise is that anything can happen so really, these four men could end up being four completely different men. Or Hannah could jump a fence and choose someone who she's already sent home. Just sayin'.