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This New Swaddle Blanket & Band Will Alert Parents If Their Baby Stops Breathing

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a blissful time. You're getting to know this tiny little human you created, feeling sleep-deprived yet overjoyed, utterly content yet... wracked with anxiety? No matter how chill you might be in your day-to-day life, your nerves are tested when you're entrusted to care for a tiny, fragile infant (who happens to be your entire world). This new Breathing Wear from Nanit allows parents to monitor their baby's breathing, without them having to be tethered to wires while they sleep – a breakthrough that can mean peace of mind for anxious parents – AKA pretty much all parents.

You may have heard of Nanit before. The brand is known for their Nanit Plus overhead nursery camera, which was named one of 2018's Best Inventions by TIME Magazine, and for good reason. Consider the Nanit Plus nursery camera the Rolls Royce of baby monitors, with a retail price starting at $279, with features that allow you to see and hear your babe at all times. The bird's eye perspective means you see every inch of their crib, and won't miss a thing if you've got a wiggle worm on your hands. Two-way audio allows you to hear your baby and even speak (or sing) back to them. It's got a built-in night light feature, and "flexible cable management" means your baby can't get their hands on cords and cables.

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However, the real value in the Nanit Plus monitor lies in its reliability. Nanit continues to work when the Internet goes down, meaning your monitor won't be rendered useless if there's a big storm or outage. Motion and sound alerts let you keep constant tabs on baby, and you'll continue to get continuous audio even when you're using other apps. Even cooler, you can get the HD live stream from anywhere – meaning you can keep an eye on your precious bundle even if you're at work, on a rare date night, or even traveling. Is it even possible to get more peace of mind than that?

Turns out, yes, with the introduction of Nanit's Breathing Wear. This new product, which is being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 as part of the Baby Tech Summit, works in conjunction with the Nanit Plus nursery camera to take parental monitoring one step further. In addition to tracking motion and sound, the Breathing Wear helps parents monitor their baby's breathing. Unlike other devices on the market, however, it doesn't require hooking your baby (or the crib) up with any special gadgets or sensors that can disrupt your baby's sleep or potentially cause discomfort.

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So how does it work? The Nanit Breathing Wear, which consists of the Nanit Swaddle and Breathing Band, features a special pattern and ink that is scientifically engineered to be read by the Nanit Plus overhead nursery camera. Together, you can carefully track your child's breathing motions as they sleep and the app will provide real-time alerts if no motions is detected. The Nanit Breathing Wear line will expand to include pajamas, onesies, and sleepsacks by the fall of 2019, with sizes ranging from birth to 24 months.

Courtesy of Nanit

Breathing Wear will be available in single-packs and 3-packs on the Nanit website beginning this March 2019, with prices starting at $25. The Nanit Complete Monitoring System, which includes the Nanit Plus nursery camera, swaddle, breathing band, mounting system, travel-stand, and one-year subscription to Nanit Insights (which provides additional sleep tracking, analysis, and coaching), will start at $379. The Nanit website also offers an option for monthly payments for the set as low as $34.

Though the Nanit Sleep System is an investment, the features and reliability make it pretty clear why. And of course, as any parent of a young baby knows, you can't put a price tag on your peace of mind.

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