Native's Bestselling Jefferson Sneakers Now Come In Baby Sizes — EXCLUSIVE

by Kristina Johnson

Baby feet are one of the cutest things in the world, and they get even more adorable when they're clad in an amazing pair of sweet baby shoes. For parents who want their little ones to be stylish and comfy from head to toe, Native Shoes is launching a baby version of their Jefferson sneakers (a cult favorite) in baby sizes.

You may not know the name, but chances are you've seen quite a few children wearing the Native Jefferson shoe. The perforated slip-ons are super comfy, breathable, and odor-resistant, making them perfect for the wear and tear little kids put their footwear through. You don't have to worry about your child getting them super dirty, since they're hand washable, and they can even be worn as water shoes. Perhaps best of all, they're better for the planet than the average shoe, since they're made from sustainable materials. They're beloved by children and adults alike, according to Business Insider, and now they're available for babies for the first time (with a few infant-appropriate modifications, of course).

The Jefferson baby shoe almost looks like a sock and shoe combo. There's a knit upper that molds to your baby's foot, but it's breathable enough to keep their little piggies from getting hot and sweaty. There's a single lace around the ankle so you can make sure they fit securely — an important consideration when your little one is crawling or just learning how to walk. And of course, the soles are sturdy enough to support those first steps. They're available in three different sweet colors: Regatta Blue, Blossom Pink, and Pigeon Grey. They come in sizes B1 through B4, which are equivalent to sizes 0-3 months to 9-12 months. You can snag a pair for just $25 (or $35 if you're based in Canada, as Native Shoes is), and they'll only be available on starting September 9.

Courtesy of Native
Courtesy of Native
Courtesy of Native

Parents know how quickly babies grow, but Jefferson shoes won't go to waste when your child can longer fit into them. If you're not passing them along to another family member or friend, you can send them back to the company. "As with all of Native's shoes, the Jefferson Baby is able to be recycled using our Remix Project," said Design Manager Gabe Lam. Your baby's Native shoes could end up being recycled into material that can be used to create playground flooring, seating, insulation, and much more though their program. That definitely beats their old kicks ending up in landfill somewhere. The company has partnered with Zappos for the project, and they also have drop-off locations in several states. You can see the full list of how to return your shoes here.

While you're shopping for your babe's tiny tootsies, go ahead and pick up some new footwear for yourself, too. Native has got plenty of lightweight, uber comfortable options from from sandals to boots to work-appropriate flats for adults, many of which are made with eco-friendly materials. (The company is actually on a mission for all of their products to be "100% life cycle managed" by 2023). You can basically outfit the entire family in this brand with good conscious — and look cute while you're at it.