This Etsy Shop Can Make An Actual Felt Figurine Of Your Pet & It's *So* Perfect

I would not say I'm very artistically inclined, but I have a real appreciation for talented artists and their craft, in whatever medium that might be. So I might have audibly gasped when I saw this realistic felt pet art created by a couple in Lithuania and sold on Etsy. "Cute" really isn't the right word, and "weird" — while accurate for a few of the animals — doesn't sum up the collection, either. No, Dalia and Nerijus' work is simply amazing, incredibly intricate and so detailed that they can even create custom felt art from a photo.

While this crafty couple from eastern Europe makes everything from baby mobiles and wall hangings to accessories you can wear, like wool slippers and scarves, the real "oohs" and "ahhs" come when you see their animal collection, particularly their custom work. Needing only a photo, they can create a match of your pet in wool miniature form- and add you too, if you like. These sweet little creatures make a whimsical gift or collectible for the person who has everything (because trust me, they probably don't have any felt animals). I see your sweet, watercolor pet portraits and raise you these instead:


Baby Squirrel

This sweet baby squirrel is made of 100% soft wool and dressed in the cutest little sweater and skirt. Approximately 3 inches high, this is the perfect whimsical gift for the nature and animal lover.


Custom Dog Portrait

Want to memorialize your dog in a unique way? By using only a photo, Dalia and Nerijus will capture the spirit of your pet using a needle felting technique which showcases attention to details and your pet's unique expression. To capture the form of your dog, wire armature is used inside and covered in 100% wool. I also like that before each order goes in the mail to their customer, they will send you a preview photo to make sure you are satisfied. Varying height and length options are available and reflected in the final cost.



This felted giraffe is much taller than many of their other animals, standing almost 15 inches high. Using soft sculpture created with careful attention to details and face character (including glass eyes!), this giraffe is made of high quality carded wool. He can be placed on a table or shelf and makes a really special baby shower gift and keepsake item, especially if there's a safari theme happening. Perhaps it will be baby's first friend?



Made of natural Merino wool, these little fellas are just the perfect gift for a bird lover. Dalia and Nerijus have specifically made the European Robin, Eurasian Blue Tit, Eurasian Bullfinch, European Greenfinch and Common Chaffinch, but if you have another type of bird in mind, just let them know. Truly special; a little bit of nature in your home.


Custom Cat Portrait

Think they would leave your cat out? Definitely not! A custom made miniature sculpture of your favorite kitty can be created with only a photo required. Capturing the unique spirit of your pet, a needle felting technique is used that creates attention to detail and your feline's unique expression. Once again, before sending your order to you, they will send a preview photo of the finished sculpture to be sure you are satisfied. Excellent customer service!


Baby Mobile

Perfect for the eco-friendly, woodsy-themed nursery, this "Forest animals and mushrooms" baby mobile is made to order. What will surely be a focal point of your baby's nursery, the 100% wool figurines include baby squirrels, owls, hedgehogs, foxes, and bunnies to name a few. So precious!


Wall Hanging

Turns out, you can hang felt on the wall, too. For the felt lover with an interest in fiber art, this is a unique option. And what makes this extra special is this print is made from actual sheep wool from their certified sheep farm (after all, where do you think all this wool is coming from?). I also love the 3D raised dimensions on this piece.


Custom Dog & Owner Portrait

I'm not sure if you can get a gift more special for an animal lover. I mean, immortalized next to your pet in wool? Pretty cool. And once again, working off of only a photo, the attention to detail displayed here is incredible. If you'd like to see more of Dalia and Nerijus' custom work, simply check out their Etsy felt art page and all the people that left reviews with photos. So much fun to peruse.