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Negan Killed Abraham In 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere & It Was Awful

It's finally here: The Walking Dead is back after months of agonizing and wondering and theorizing about its Season 6 finale, which ended on the worst possible cliffhanger. The last time fans saw Rick and his crew, they had been rounded up by Negan and his people, the Saviors. Negan was ready to joyfully dole out some punishment for the strikes Team Rick made against his people, but the episode didn't reveal just who was unlucky enough to end up on the receiving end of Negan's barbed wire bat, Lucille. But now that the new season is here, the identity of Negan's victim has finally been revealed. Negan killed Abraham in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere and it was just as awful as everyone expected.

The outcome was going to be devastating whoever the deceased turned out to be because every single character was one fans had come to know and love. But for the death to have an equally extreme impact on both the characters and the audience, Negan's victim had to be an important one, even a fan favorite, and the show definitely followed through on that. The show took as long as it possibly could to finally reveal it, seriously playing on the audience's anxiety. I know my stress levels were through the roof.

The Season 7 premiere picked up right after Negan had finished killing not one, but two of Rick's people, but it didn't finally reveal their identities until nearly 20 minutes into the episode. First Negan and Rick went on the worst road trip in history, where Negan proceeded to play even more mind games on a clearly already broken-down Rick. By the time it flashed back to what happened, everyone watching was more than ready to see how events had unfolded – we've all been waiting months, after all.

When Negan's threatening eenie-meenie-miney-moe through Rick's lined up crew landed on Abraham, it was awful, but still almost a relief. It was violent and gory, but at least we knew what had happened – at least we knew who it was. It was gruesome but Abraham went out like Abraham would: with attitude to the end. He even worked in one last quip. However, Negan's attack wasn't over. The worst was yet to come.

Abraham will be sorely missed on this show. Even when he wasn't making the best decisions, he could be counted on to have everyone's back – and be ready with some ridiculous and funny turn of phrases while he was doing it. The world of the show is already getting darker, and without Abraham, it'll lose the little humor it had left.