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Negan's Two Victims On 'The Walking Dead' Sends Twitter Into A Tailspin

Everyone knew the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was going to be bad, but no one could have foreseen quite how grueling it would turn out to be. Rick's crew is now down two people, but their deaths weren't even the end of the torture over the course of the night. Rick and his people are going to be recovering from their trauma for a long time, but they might not even have enough time to react before they have to decide what to do next. It's no surprise that an episode this rough would generate a lot of fan reaction, and Negan's two victims on The Walking Dead sent Twitter into a tailspin.

This episode certainly led to some emotional reactions. When Abraham was killed, it was horrible, but it wasn't as horrible as it could be; Abraham was a good character, but he wasn't necessarily a fan favorite like Glenn was. Glenn's death was devastating in the comics and on the show, precisely because he was so beloved and due to the fact that he was such a kind, goodhearted guy in a world where those qualities were sorely lacking. Some fans might be unwilling to continue now that their favorite character is gone, but others enjoy the show precisely for moments like this: the sheer emotional and physical horror, as well as navigating the troublesome aftermath. However, most of the reactions were all about Glenn.

Some people handled their grief with good humor and well-chosen memes, which is what Twitter is for, after all. Painful as it is, it's good to get a couple of laughs out of such a horrible moment. It makes it a little easier to deal with it.

It's understandable that fans are so overwhelmingly upset. Glenn was a great character and in many ways his story felt like it was stopped right in the middle. There was still so much fans didn't know about him and his life before the zombie apocalypse, and he was just starting his new family with Maggie. And despite everything Glenn had been through, he still felt like an innocent. It was especially awful to see him go.

Sadness over Glenn's death was certainly the prevailing opinion on Twitter, even if people expressed their unhappiness about it in different ways. Some pointed out that Glenn's death played out almost exactly how it did in the comics, but despite that sense of inevitability it was still tough to see it play out in live action. His death felt extremely personal to a lot of people, especially after six years of watching him develop and grow.

But however you feel about Glenn's death and how it unfolded on the series, one thing is for sure: he will be missed.