ATTN Dr. Seuss Fans: The Premiere Date For Netflix's 'Green Eggs & Ham' Is Here

by Christina Montoya Fiedler

ATTN all Dr. Seuss lovers: One of your favorite books is about to hit the small screen. That's right, folks — Netflix's new Green Eggs & Ham series finally has a premiere date and you'll want to watch every single episode.

Netflix describes the series as a "postmodern Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," with the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss as the backdrop. Sam I Am, played by Modern Family's Adam Devine, has just rescued a rare Chickeraffe from the Glurfsburg Zoo. He hides the animal in his briefcase and heads to Meepsville where he plans to charter a cold air balloon and take the Chickeraffe back to its island home.

Cut to Guy I Am, played perfectly by Michael Douglas, who just flopped an interview with Snerz (Eddie Izzard) and his last chance at becoming a famous inventor. He packs up his briefcase and heads home only to collide with Sam I Am at a local diner and switch up briefcases. And the adventure begins from there.

There's also a bounty hunter goat, two bad guys, and a villain who are also after the Chickeraffe. Plus, there's a girl who wants to keep the Chickeraffe as a pet.

So when does this fun series drop? Mark your calendars for Nov. 8, just a few weeks before Thanksgiving The best part is all 13 episodes will drop all at once. Huzzah!

But back to this delightful project, which is narrated by Keegan-Michael Key, who also lent his voice power to Netflix's popular reboot of the Dark Crystal, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It also features voice work from Tracy Morgan (SNL, Thirty Rock) John Turturro (The Big Lebowski), and Diane Keaton (The Family Stone).

Furthermore, it was produced by Warner Brother's Animation with executive producers Ellen DeGeneres, Jared Stern, Sam Register, Mike Karz, David Dobkin, and Jeff Kleeman. Translation: You're in good hands.

And, as you can see, it's packing some major star power. This means it's likely to entertain kids and adults. In fact, it might be hard not to watch every single episode all in one weekend!

If your Seuss loving kids can't wait until Nov. 8, you can always grab a copy of the original book on Amazon or watch the classic cartoon version of the book on YouTube, which is bound to bring back some major nostalgia.

For those who don't know already, the original 1960 book version of Green Eggs and Ham tells the story of the precocious Sam I Am who continually tries to get his friend to try this new and peculiar looking foods, according to Goodreads. After tons of persuasion, and lots of rhyming, his friend ends up trying the green eggs and ham. Spoiler alert: He likes it. It's a great message for kids: You should at least try something once before you decide how you feel about it.

Swinging back to this premiere, there's a lot of competition in the streaming world right now, and Netflix is prepping for it with some high-profile shows, like Green Eggs and Ham. Its biggest competitor is soon to be Disney Plus, which launches on Nov. 12, according to CNET. The streaming service will also be available in a bundle for an additional cost with Hulu and ESPN Plus, according to The Verge.

Would you could you in a box? How about with a fox? Forget about that and just stick with Netflix. Come Nov. 8, it will be the best place to get your fill of green eggs and ham.